5 trendy knitwear looks for winter 2023

Paulina Kulczycki

From vintage ugly Christmas sweaters, to knitted all-over looks and knitted dresses, it's all here this year! Knitwear is definitely in for winter 2023. And to make sure you're going for the right colours, patterns and styles, we're revealing 5 trendy knitwear looks for this winter. 

Cosiness is the way to go this winter! While in previous years, tight-fitting knitted cardigans were the order of the day in women's fashion, this year the motto is: the wider and cosier, the better. But this does not mean that knitwear loses style. Quite the opposite! Knitted all-over looks are elegant, warming and cosy at the same time. Even in men's fashion, chunky knits, fisherman knits and oversized sweaters are in focus. And so, we present you with 5 trendy knitwear looks and tips on how to wear knitwear stylishly.


5 trendy knitwear looks for winter 2022 SANVT knit styles


1. Tone-on-tone knitwear & layering looks

Let's start with a trend we have seen often on the runways and in cool street styles this year: tone-on-tone knits and layering looks. We've already written a whole article about how to best layer clothes in winter to stay warm – learn more here. But it's the layering looks with knits, especially tone-on-tone, that are setting a strong trend this year. For women, beige knit culottes go great with a fine knit sweater in the same colour like the one from SANVT and a wide, chunky knit sweater in creamy white that can be casually wrapped around the shoulders.

In order for this outfit not to look too much like loungewear, the rest of the styling should be elegant. Sleek hair, retro sunglasses, heeled boots, a cream-white coat and subtle gold jewellery make the look chic and casual at the same time.

For men, we recommend keeping the tone-on-tone knitwear in earth tones: a knit sweater in beige with green corduroy pants or khaki chinos looks cool and casual. Add brown suede booties and a beige wool coat with a scarf in cream-white and the look is complete!


5 trendy knitwear looks for winter 2022 SANVT tone in tone


2. Knit dresses

Similar to tone-on-tone knits and layering looks for all-over knit outfits, knit dresses are especially popular this year. Figure-fitting knit dresses with wide belts, heeled boots, and over-the-shoulder bags, or turtleneck dresses with corsages and high heels, are a new way of styling knit dresses this year. In pastel colours, grey or natural shades, knit dresses are suitable for formal occasions, important meetings and even date nights.


5 trendy knitwear looks for winter 2022 SANVT knit dress


3. Oversized knit vests

Yes, you read that right! The good old knit vest we've derided for so long is making a comeback this winter. Wide-knit vests and slipovers with cheesy knit patterns over oversized Oxford shirts are especially hot this year in both women's and men's fashion! For women, we recommend completing the outfit with a pencil skirt, high heels and colourful statement-jewellery. And for men, we advise wearing the vest with bright corduroy pants and cool sneakers. This way, the knit vest will be an absolute eye-catcher this year.


4. Bright knitwear

Let’s now transition from bright corduroy pants to bright knitwear. Because another trendy knitwear look for winter 2023 is colour blocking with knits. For women a sweater in magenta, for example, would go great with a bright red suede skirt and red cowboy boots. Similarly, an oversized knit cardigan in purple would do great with a pink dress for bright and colourful accents during an otherwise grey winter.

Men can also experiment with more subtle colour blocking: a cobalt blue fisherman knit sweater with a pair of dark blue heavy chinos, for example, ensures elegant colour accents. Another more daring option is a lavender fine-knit sweater with a collar and zipper, paired with dark red fabric trousers and a pearl necklace. Dare to show your true colours!


5. Sexy knits

One trend that stays with us from last year is sexy knitwear. If you still think that knits are only for fuzzy winter socks and unsexy Christmas sweaters, you'll be convinced of the opposite now. Cropped knit cardigans with only one or two small buttons in the front or sweaters with cut-outs on the shoulders, provide a really edge in women's fashion. Under an oversized vintage blazer with shoulder pads, black high-waist pants and chunky boots, sexy knits look cool and discreet. 

Even men can dare to wear sexy knits: black, holey oversized sweaters with chain elements and metal fringes paired with black chinos might not be something for dinner with the grandparents, but they will definitely get you into Berghain!

 5 trendy knitwear looks for winter 2022 SANVT fisherman knit

Trendy knitwear looks: conclusion

As you can see, knit outfits are anything but boring. With these trendy knitwear looks, you'll make fashion statements this winter, while staying warm and cosy. If you want to play it safe and prefer to integrate timeless knitted sweaters into your wardrobe that are high quality and durable, then we recommend that you stay tuned for the new sustainable knitwear collection from SANVT. It will soon be available for purchase in our online store!

Find your new favorite knit essential for women and men!