Sustainable summer clothes: the essentials you need

Paulina Kulczycki

In Northern Europe, we’re much more accustomed to layering looks. We feel stylistically at our best in fall and winter, when we can creatively add layer upon layer to wrap ourselves in. During summer on the other hand, we’re usually at a bit of a loss. How are we supposed to stylishly match a simple t-shirt with a pair of shorts? Many of us get in a sweat just thinking about it. But don’t sweat! We at SANVT give you ideas for sustainable summer clothes and show you which essentials should not be missing in your collection of sustainable summer clothes.

Sustainable summer clothes are always a bit of a challenge. We have far less choice and combination options – and less wiggle room with fabrics and textiles. That’s why it’s usually harder to make a stylish appearance in summer. Especially if you value sustainable summer clothes, the choice becomes even narrower. We therefore reveal some must-haves and outfit ideas on how to best style sustainable basics in summer.

Lightweight t-shirt in bright colors

One of the sustainable basics that should not be missing in your summer closet is a lightweight t-shirt. Lightweight t-shirts are ideal for summer thanks to the low density and grammage of the fabric, making them particularly breathable. Especially if they are made of organic natural fibers, they effectively wick moisture away from the body. This is precisely why we at SANVT have made our lightweight t-shirt from a luxurious blend of premium cotton and the biodegradable cellulose fiber Lyocell. This innovative fabric, with a grammage of 160 g/m², combines high breathability with a cool and soft feel for maximum summer comfort.

Products made from Lyocell are also extra sustainable. This is because Lyocell is made from beech wood (from regenerative forestry). This noble textile fiber is obtained from the wood pulp in an innovative process, which – compared to conventional materials – is produced in a far more sustainable and resource-saving way. We recommend choosing the lightweight t-shirt as a basic in a bright and classic color such as white or off-white. In combination with a pair of vintage fabric pants, possibly tucked in and with a shoelace as a belt, rounded off with sunglasses and sneakers, the look becomes a casual summer outfit!

The Summer T-Shirt from SANVT in off-white or white is the perfect essential for your sustainable summer clothes.

Colorful t-shirt

In addition to a lightweight t-shirt in (off-)white for extra sunny days, we recommend a colorful t-shirt for a little more color impact. Especially when our Nordic and minimalist-inspired outfits often end up in “all black everything”, our sustainable summer clothes are allowed to have a pop of color. And let’s be honest: black absorbs way too much sun and heat anyway. Timeless colors like ocher, dark mustard yellow, olive green, dark green, dark red or sky blue are colors that can work great in summer – as well as in other seasons. That’s why we at SANVT have expanded the color palette of our t-shirts and added the colors dark red and dark green to our lineup.

Our perfect t-shirt is designed in Munich, and then produced in a fair, climate-neutral and sustainable way in Portugal. This timeless basic is not only fabulously soft, but also extra durable thanks to the high-quality ELS cotton. With a length of 37mm, ELS cotton fibers are significantly longer than conventional varieties. This makes the jersey fabric in a grammage of 185 g/m² not only smoother and more durable than comparable products but also more breathable. That in mind, our perfect t-shirt is just as suitable for summer as it is for other seasons. Combined with a pair of light-colored, rolled-up chinos, chunky sandals and round vintage sunglasses, the look becomes perfect (…and even makes a solid appearance on festivals and open airs)!

You’ll find our Perfect T-Shirt now also in dark red and dark green – for a little color touch in your summer outfits.

Summer chino

Speaking of chinos, let’s get straight to summer pants. Because finding stylish summer pants is much more difficult than finding a cool, sustainable t-shirt. Arguably, one of the most functional and smartest summer pants is the chino! The lightweight twill fabric makes chinos particularly breathable, temperature-regulating, durable and extremely comfortable thanks to the freedom of movement. Therefore they can be considered as the perfect pants for every season and thus the ideal complement for your sustainable summer clothes! Especially in clear colors, such as beige or gray, the chino comes across very casual in combination with a loose vintage flannel shirt and oxford shoes. Discover our smart chino with innovative design features, like a hidden cell phone pocket and a flexible closure system.

Thanks to the breathable fabric, our smart chino is the ideal bottom for summer with a cooling effect on the skin.

Coming soon at SANVT: Chino Shorts

In addition to the sustainable summer clothes we already have in our collection, we are adding a new product in June 2022: The Chino Shorts! So far, buying a truly timeless and cool pair of shorts has felt more like a Mission Impossible. But we make the impossible possible and are excited to soon present you another minimalist and fair basic for your sustainable summer wardrobe. But until then, you’re well served with the essentials and style tips from this article. And if you’re looking for even more specific outfit ideas, you can get inspired in our sustainable style guide for summer.

Photos by Julien Bergeron, Chris Fraas, & Anastasios Moiras