Sweatpants and Hoodie outfit: How to nail it!

Paulina Kulczycki

What could be more avant-garde than bringing back a style that has gone out of fashion? It happened with leggings and flared jeans, and now it’s happening with sweatpants. And yes, sweatpants are currently celebrating a big comeback – and so is the hoodie. But can you combine the two without looking like a rapper from the 2000s? You absolutely can! But a little know-how is in order.

We think there is a general rule of thumb that you should follow for any sweatpants and hoodie outfit: choose both pieces in the same color and preferably from the same set. This gives the casual fashion pieces a monochrome look, which can then be complemented by accessories and other colors. But how do you style sweatpants and hoodie outfits exactly? Here are our tips on how to nail it:

Efe Efeturi shows that a sweatpants and hoodie outfit can be a true avant-garde fashion statement!

Sweatpants and Hoodie Outfit for Men

Let’s start with the styling for men. A monochrome look that is equally timeless and trendy is, of course, all black. With cool and chunky sneakers, an elegant trench coat and a matching cap, the sweatpants and hoodie outfit becomes sporty yet chic and stylish. With The Perfect Sweatpants and The Hooded Sweatshirt, both in black and by SANVT, we recommend choosing the trench coat and cap in khaki or beige to underline the black with subtle earthy tones.

And while all black is always on, of course, navy blue also works perfectly as a monochrome look in a sweatpants and hoodie outfit. Here, we recommend pairing your navy sweatpants with The Zip Hoodie in navy by SANVT, wearing it open with our black Heavyweight T-Shirt underneath. While many people think dark blue with black is a fashion faux pas, we think it’s a pioneering style break! Complete the look in autumn with a black overcoat over which you can casually let the hoodie hang out. Add a short beanie in navy blue and a pair of black lace-up boots and you’ve revolutionized the sweatpants and hoodie outfit in the most fashionable way!

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Chris Fraas wears our sweatpants and hoodie outfit in all black.

Sweatpants and Hoodie Outfit for Women

Now let’s move on to our styling tips for women. Again, we would first like to suggest an all-black look. In this case, however, not with sneakers, but with black Dr. Martens – preferably in lacquer or with a platform for a bit of extra edge. Add a knee-length coat with an animal print, such as leo, tiger or zebra. Optionally, you can round off this bold outfit with accessories like a black hat or a black lieutenant cap. The only important thing here is to ensure that both the sweatpants and the hoodie are fitted with the hoodie tucked into the sweatpants. The Boyfriend Sweatpants and The Boyfriend Hoodie by SANVT can be chosen by width and length to ensure the best fit.

Color-wise, from all black to shades of grey (and beige) can work well. The combination of sweatpants and hoodie in grey may seem inelegant at first. But if you combine the set with off-white platform sneakers, a cream-colored, oversized cargo blazer casually draped over your shoulders (with the hoodie hanging out) and a cream-colored cap, you become a true trendsetter! This look is extremely sleek and casual at the same time!

Additionally, if you want to pimp this outfit for a date night, simply swap the sweatpants for a leather skirt in beige or cognac and replace the sneakers with high-heeled sandals. Et voilà – casual elegance becomes smart and sexy.

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The Boyfriend Hoodie from SANVT is the perfect essential for elegant styles. Here on Judith Mayer.

To sum up

After these styling tips, the prejudices and doubts about sweatpants and hoodie outfits should be erased once and for all. Become a trendsetter and dare to bring the style back on the streets this autumn! We, at least, definitely will.