Revolutionary 2-Sizing-System: Finding the Perfect T-Shirt

Cosima Haas

XS, S, L and XL - these are the standard clothing sizes of most fashion brands. If your body measurements don't match these categories, it can be difficult to find clothes that fit well. That's why we at SANVT have developed a revolutionary two-size system, which takes into account all different body shapes and sizes, so everyone can find well-fitting, sustainable essentials. Featuring Influencer Sonny (@by.sonny), find your perfect fitting T-Shirt. 

Statistically, the five-size-fits-all model works for only about 25% of the world's population. But what about the (larger) rest? While the bulk of the fashion industry mainly maximizes profits with the simple clothing sizes, many consumers are often desperate to find basics that fit their physical conditions. The solution: a revolutionary sizing system that takes into account the width and length of a garment, which can be individually selected. For our Perfect T-Shirt this results in up to 20 different size combinations - a variety of sizes for a variety of body types.

Step 1: Finding the right T-Shirt width

When choosing the Perfect T-Shirt for yourself, the first step is to select a suitable size. At SANVT you can choose from seven different sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and 3XL. If you are unsure which is the right one for you, you can measure the length of your shoulder, chest and waist and use our size chart as a guide. Please note that due to the manual manufacturing process in our production facilities, the in the size chart can deviate +/- 1 CM.

All SANVT Essentials are produced climate neutral and fair in Portugal. Learn more about this here.

Step 2: Choose the right length of the T-Shirt

Depending on your body size and physique, you can adjust the length of the T-Shirt in addition. Choose between ShortRegular or Long.

For example, a T-Shirt in M/Short has the following dimensions:

  • Shoulder: 47 cm
  • Chest: 52 cm
  • Waist: 50 cm
  • Length: 70 cm

The Perfect T-shirt in M/Standard, has the same measurements for the shoulder, the chest and the waist, but is 3cm longer. Meaning the following measurements:

  • Shoulder: 47 cm
  • Chest: 52 cm
  • Waist: 50 cm
  • Length: 73 cm

The M/Long is accordingly 3cm longer again.

  • Shoulder: 47 cm
  • Chest: 52 cm
  • Waist: 50 cm
  • Length: 76 cm

Find your personal taste and experience with styling 

But SANVT's sizing system is not only helpful if you are looking for perfectly fitting Essentials. Also with individual style preferences - e.g. Oversized-look or crop look - the length of the T-shirt can be adapted to your personal taste. For reference Influencer Sonny is 1.89cm tall and usually wears size L in T-Shirts. However, because he wanted to go for a more oversized look (as seen in the picture) he is wearing the Heavyweight T-Shirt in color Off-White in size XL/Regular.

Of course, the different styling options apply to different everyday situations - whether it's office or freetime - the size of the Perfect T-shirt, as well as of all SANVT Essentials, can be adapted to your own individuel lifestyle. 

In less than two seconds to the perfect size

For those who find size charts too time-consuming and want to be sure that he or she will find the right size, can also use the practical size calculator. Besides height, age and weight you can also enter the measurements of your chest, waist and hips. That's it! You will be shown your recommended size, which you can add directly to your shopping cart.

The Perfect T-Shirt is made of 100% ELS cotton, which makes the Essential not only very soft and high in quality, but also a long-lasting companion. 

Photo credits: by.sonny