Sustainable Fashion: The Best Chinos For Women

Paulina Kulczycki

In 2023, nothing really succeeds anymore if it's not sustainable. The importance of sustainable fashion for the environment, people and animals is well-known to conscious consumers. But we not only want to save the world, we also want to look good while doing it. So despite our ethical shopping choices, we don't want to sacrifice style and aesthetics. Oh, and we don't have to! One iconic piece in the fashion world that can be given a timeless yet modern twist as a sustainable basic is the chino pants. With the right choice, they remain timeless and can be worn year-round. Here are the three most crucial criteria for the best chinos for women, according to SANVT. 

There are plenty of chinos for women out there. But many of them completely disregard the environment and elegant design, and rather focus on short-lived trends and cheap quality. Therefore, chinos do not have the best reputation in women's fashion, because they quickly seem either too square or out of fashion. We believe that especially the material, fit and colour are relevant to choose the best chinos for women.

Here are the three most important criteria for the best chinos for women at a glance:

  • Material: organic cotton, organic linen or Lyocell
  • Fit: straight cut in slim fit or casual in boyfriend fit
  • Colour: classic hues such as beige, khaki, black, navy or grey
The best chinos for women beige SANVT


When it comes to sustainable fashion, the choice of material is crucial. And especially so with chinos. After all, the pants are known for their functionality and should therefore also be made of a breathable and lightweight twill fabric. One that makes the chinos look more elegant than a pair of jeans, yet more casual than a pair of suit pants. Business casual is the name of the game here! Organic cotton is an excellent choice, as it is a natural fabric that is biodegradable and provides ideal temperature and moisture regulation. However, make sure that your cotton chino pants contain elastane, so that they guarantee enough flexibility and freedom of movement.

Another great material choice for the best chinos for women is undyed linen. This gives you a natural product that is light as air and extremely eco-friendly. Perfect for understated looks! Lyocell, made from local eucalyptus trees, is another sustainable option for summer chinos. This stands out for its high eco-balance. Be sure to avoid synthetic materials like polyester, as they are made from petroleum, and are neither good for the environment nor are they high quality.

The best chinos for women black SANVT


As mentioned earlier, functionality is one of the most important feature of chinos. Therefore, they should always be comfortable and versatile – both in terms of the feel of the material and the fit. A classic, slim fit is our personal favourite here, as this cut is timeless, androgynous and suits any occasion. A slightly wider cut in the so-called boyfriend fit, is also a great choice for a more casual style – especially for chinos made of linen. Avoid skinny fits, which are out of fashion and lack the comfort you’d expect from a chino. As for length, 7/8 length chinos look cool and edgy, especially with chunky oxford shoes. 

The best chinos for women khaki SANVT


When it comes to colour, it's all a matter of personal taste and depends on how you want to style the chinos. But you're sure to be safe with neutrals like beige, grey and khaki – or for dressier occasions and business meetings, black or navy. These colours are easy to combine and won't go out of style. We advise against chinos in bold or flashy colours, or chinos with prints, as the best chinos for women should be timeless, understated and versatile. A trendy colour may be fashionable one year and a fashion faux pas the next. Timeless colours ensure your chinos stay timeless – makes sense, right?

The best chinos for women navy SANVT

The Boyfriend Chino from SANVT

At SANVT, we are fanatics of chino pants for both women and men, so we've developed a unisex chino that combines luxury with practicality. The Boyfriend Chino is made of high-quality cotton (98%) and elastane (2%) making it sustainable, climate-neutral and fairly produced, as well as innovative in design. High-quality metal ends on the cords provide a luxurious look, while an extra smartphone pocket on the front and two hidden back pockets make it highly practical for the office, travel or leisure.

With a classic slim fit yet customisable, you can choose your chino by width and length. The elastic waistband adjusts to your body and fits well on the hips and legs. You can choose from beige, black, grey or navy, which are timeless, classic and easy to match with anything.

The best chinos for women: bottom line

In conclusion, chinos can be a versatile and sustainable choice for women if chosen with the right sustainable and aesthetic criteria in terms of material, fit and colour. Choose high-quality and sustainable materials, opt for a straight cut and go for a timeless colour for a smart choice. With our tips, you'll find the best chinos for women, just like our Boyfriend Chino.