The Secrets to a Minimal Wardrobe: Quality meets Craftsmanship

SANVT Journal

Minimalism is commonly described as a way of life that sees itself as an alternative to mindless consumption. Above all, the secrets to a minimal wardrobe is about finding a balance between quality and craftsmanship and aims to counteract prevailing materialism, a fast-paced lifestyle and overstimulation. Pure Minimalists and Craftsmen choose quality over quantity: the dialogue between minimalism and craftsmanship aims to create items that are built to last.


However, there is no uniform concept of minimalism and craftsmanship – everyone can find their own definition and their own way to let go of the unnecessary in their lives. Recent minimalist ideas claim that an increased awareness and the observation of one’s own consumptive behaviour are important steps on the way to becoming a minimalist. Freeing yourself from things, habits, financial issues and relationships that are not rewarding might help you to focus on your own needs and to find yourself. Minimalism does not mean simply owning less. The pioneers of this movement try to surround themselves with things that have meaning and a clear function, linking minimalism and craftsmanship. This minimalist movement also includes reflecting on one’s own consumption and changing everyday habits that before would have been carried out impulsively or even mindlessly.


Minimalism is not a new way of thinking. Far from it, in fact. Most global religions preach a conscious approach to consumption as a means to connect to God and even by 300 BC, the Greek philosopher Epicurus said, “Nothing is enough to the man for whom enough is too little.” Fellow philosophers and poets have agreed with his sentiment over the centuries. Goethe understood himself “as a traveller who renounced much to enjoy much” and the English poet Robert Browning proclaimed in the 19th century the sentence that can be considered the principle of all minimalists: “Less is more.”

With his novel “Walden”, in which he describes his life in the forest, Henry David Thoreau wrote a kind of manifesto for the “Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity”, which to some extent can be seen as the flip side of the consumer-oriented American Way of Life.

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Celebrated in blogs and beautifully illustrated coffee table books, minimalism must be seen as a luxury phenomenon. What Walden calls his log cabin is the tiny house of today’s bearded critics of civilisation. The perfect wooden houses or converted vans have created a veritable cult. Immortalised on Hipster Instagram accounts globally. But those who can afford to contemplate the careful curation of possessions in their lives should also remember that not everyone is fortunate enough to implement a minimalist approach to their life.


The desire for the “good old things” has brought back a demand for traditional manufacturers. Minimalism has caused unsuspected upswing to craftsmen who had to fight for a long time to survive in a disposable, high-street orientated spending era. The search for meaning and purpose nourish this longing for a simple life. A weariness brought on by the realisation of the oversupply of cheap goods made under questionable conditions further amplifies the recent success of crafters and makers in Europe and the US.

The minimalist lifestyle can easily be carried through into the production as well as the consumption of fashion. For designers, the reduction to the essentials has always had a great appeal, from the Bauhaus designers to Coco Chanel, who espoused that “Simplicity is the key to true elegance.”


At SANVT, we disregard short-lived seasonal fashion trends. Pairing minimalism and craftsmanship in the design process of our products means that our garments are timeless and never in or out of fashion. Therefore, we have decided to offer a seasonless collection that remains relevant and wearable throughout all seasons.

We believe in quality over quantity; we encourage consumers to choose to buy less clothing and instead celebrate craftsmanship by purchasing better quality. Our essentials are genuinely better made: we use the best available materials that last longer than the industry standard. A great example here is the material our perfect T-Shirt is made of: 100% extra-long staple cotton. The fibres of this cotton variety are not only longer, but also 45% stronger than conventional cotton, which results in a more durable fabric and ultimately in a longer lasting shirt.