The Zip Hoodie for Men: Your Styleguide

SANVT Journal

The 60s and 70s heyday of the hoodie is in the distant past – and yet this classic has prevailed through the decades. A zip hoodie should, perhaps more than ever, have an important role in every modern man’s wardrobe. You need a new one? In our opinion, the various versions from fast fashion brands – in unsubtle prints and fits – are not the best applied to achieve a new look.

In this article @niklasxdr and @efe.efeturi show you five looks…

  •         the weekend look
  •         the casual look
  •         the half zipped look
  •         the full zipped look
  •         the Casual Friday Look

…which can add flair to your outfit at any time – with only one single essential:


This is not only how you imagine Tony Hawk at his best but also perfect for weekend on the couch: a casual shirt, washed-out jeans and, as it gets colder, an (oversized) zip hoodie. As with all premium garments, the zip hoodie should stand or fall on the durability and quality of the fabric. And compared to the classic hoodie there is the big advantage that the zip-up version can simply be left open when it gets warmer.


Similar to the relaxed look, the zip hoodie is combined with a t-shirt and jeans. However, there are some key differences: the zip hoodie should be slim fit and the t-shirt should have a high-quality minimalist design when part of the layered look. With some accessories, such as jewellery or stylish glasses, the look appears well thought through – despite (or rather because of) its simplicity.


Here in combination with an Oxford shirt, the zip hoodie is worn half closed. This contributes to a neat, almost elegant look – with extra street style. In this combination the hoodie lets the outfit take on sporty overtones while also contributing to keeping you warm.


In contrast to the semi-closed look, this style shines through its uniformity. The straight cut of the zip hoodie and a reinforced waistband let your body shape show to your own advantage. This look would also work with a slim-fit hoodie – but the lack of a zipper in that case limits your styling freedom.


Here, the zip hoodie is worn openly over your office outfit – and thus looks like a sportier version of the cardigan. The big advantage: the jacket rounds off your outfit and does not steal its elegance or breathability. In combination with a second classic – the Oxford shirt – you have limitless freedom for style combination. At last, an elegant layered outfit for every season and time of day!

If you are still looking for your perfect zip hoodie, you can find this classic here in high quality and with minimalist design. Our basics in the sweater collection are all made with extra-heavy French Terry fabric, which in turn provides exceptional thermoregulation – creating the perfect premium basic for men.