How to find the perfect sustainable Sweatpants: 5 tips for men

SANVT Journal

If we scroll through Instagram & Co. to get our daily fashion inspiration from our favorite influencers, we notice one phenomenon in particular: the formerly frowned-upon sweatpants have now made it into almost every feed and are being worn by the most influential figures in fashion.

But is not just a new pandemic-era trend to wear sportswear in everyday life. At least since the fitness boom in the 80s, sweatpants have stood for a sporty and healthy lifestyle outside of the gym as well as when working out. Nevertheless, the current lockdown situation certainly amplifies the hype.

For those who want to follow the current (and clearly the most comfortable) trend, we have summarized the best tips for buying sweatpants.

Here are six important criteria to help you find The Perfect Sweatpants

  • At a glimpse: finding the perfect sustainable Sweatpants
  • Look for high-quality materials and outstanding finishing
  • Choose a sustainable Sweatpant that’s fairly made
  • Check for added breathability and good thermoregulation
  • Select sweatpants with added comfort (think elastic waistband, etc.)
  • Remember that a timeless design makes the sweatpants a long-time favorite (avoid patterns or seasonal colours)

Checklist: How to find the right Sweatpants

Exclusive Quality

‘Quality over quantity’: this is a maxim that also rings true when buying sports fashion. One or two good sweatpants are enough, because if you pay attention to natural materials, such as organic cotton, and high-quality production, you will be able to enjoy your sweatpants for several years. The features to look for in quality sweatpants are a hidden zipper, deep pockets with enough space for smartphone or wallet and a drawstring with metal tips. Of course, the quality of the material is crucial for durability and comfort.

Back pockets with a hidden zip compartment as a quality feature

Sustainable Materials

If you buy sweatpants that are produced fairly and from natural fabrics, you’re not only doing something helpful for the environment but you’re investing in a high-quality garment that will last a long time. Organic cotton has a subtle softness, keeps you warm and is breathable at the same time. During cultivation, the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers is avoided. This protects people and nature.

If your sweatpants are produced fairly and in small family businesses in Europe, you can be sure that they have been sewn by experts and are therefore of the highest quality. Not only that, you would contribute to fair wages and good working conditions for the tailors.

Sustainable materials and high-quality workmanship increase durability

Good Thermoregulation

We recommend choosing sweatpants made of innovative French Terry fabric. The heavy-weight material helps the pants retain their original shape and to not wear out, even after several washings. The diagonal knit structure of the “loopback” (loops on the inside of the pants) guarantees high durability and thermoregulation. This is especially important for those who like to wear comfortable sweatpants all year round. Because ideally, a pair of sweatpants should keep you warm in the winter but not make you sweat in the summer.

Heavyweight French Terry material provides temperature balance

High Comfort

Perhaps the most important aspect when buying sweatpants is comfort. After all, we are not looking for office wear, but for a pair of pants that offer enough freedom of movement for sports or to just feel comfortable in all day. The perfect pair of sweatpants should be loose at the thighs (but not too baggy) and have an elastic waistband. Pants that are too oversized can quickly look unflattering.

To create a modern look, sweatpants can be tapered from the knee down. The cuff must also be stretchy and end between the mid-calf and the ankle. If you pay attention to these features, you will have pants that fit well and are comfortable at the same time.

A loose cut and soft material make the sweatpants a homewear essential

Timeless Design

Last but not least, it is helpful to choose sweatpants with minimalist design and classic tones, such as grey or black. They can be combined easily with other colors and you can wear them in a sporty, casual or even elegant way. A pair of sports pants in garish colors and complicated patterns can quickly looks silly and be difficult to style. Plain sweatpants, on the other hand, are timeless. They can be worn in different situations and are pretty much immune from fashion trends.

Sweatpants in muted colors can be styled for almost any occasion

The Perfect Sweatpants from SANVT

If you’re now asking yourself: but where can I find sweatpants that combine all these elements? Then you can take a look at our website. At SANVT, we have designed a pair of 100% organic cotton sweatpants that are made for exceptional everyday wear. Their incredible softness and long-lasting comfort make the perfect sweatpants the ultimate fashion essential. Of course, at the same time, they are also suitable for any kind of sports – and for that reason we have added extra deep front pockets and a back pocket with a hidden zipper. In this way, nothing can get lost on the go.

In this post you’ll find some tips and inspiration on how to style the perfect sweatpants for any occasion.