Top T-Shirt Looks for Spring and Summer 2024

Paulina Kulczycki

As the temperatures rise, it's time to pack away those long sleeves, jumpers, and heavy fabrics, and make room for the most iconic essential of all time: the t-shirt! In our style guide for men and women, we want to show you some of our top t-shirt looks for spring and summer 2024.

It's that time again, folks. After a long and dreary winter, our favourite season is here: t-shirt weather. In spring and summer, we can shed those heavy layers and let the sun gently kiss the skin on our arms again. Farewell, ghostly pale skin, and hello, “farmers tan". Since the start of spring, not only the smell of sunscreen is in the air but also a hint of light summer looks, delicate fabrics, bright colours, and a vibrant flash of colour here and there. But before we reveal our favourite t-shirt outfits for men and women this season, you need to find the perfect t-shirt. And of course at SANVT, we got your back! Your quest for the ultimate premium t-shirt is finally over.

The Perfect T-Shirt from SANVT

Did you know that the desire for a perfect, sustainable, and high-quality t-shirt brought SANVT to life in the first place? That's why we're particularly passionate about the design of our Perfect T-Shirt. Handcrafted in Portugal from 100% extra-long staple (ELS) cotton, you'll find the unisex t-shirt now in 10 different colours. With a market share of less than 1%, ELS is one of the rarest cotton varieties in the world, measuring an average fibre length of 37 mm. That means the fibres are more than twice as long as those of conventional cotton varieties, providing not only more durability and longevity, but also a softer touch and feel. Therefore, the North American ELS cotton is the secret to the incredible softness of our perfect t-shirt. The slim fit, the round neckline, the finely crafted seams, and the medium-weight, opaque jersey fabric with a GSM of 185 g/m² create an absolute premium product that is incomparable in its category. Perfected perfection down to the very last detail. Now you can welcome the upcoming t-shirt weather with confidence and style!

Top T-Shirt Looks for Spring and Summer for Men

Top T-Shirt Looks for Spring and Summer men white t-shirt

Rock 'n' Roll

One of our all-time favourite t-shirt looks for men is a classic white tee paired with light blue straight cut jeans. Complemented by a red bandana, the look gets bold rock 'n' roll vibes and an extra pop of colour that can be echoed by red socks or red details in white sneakers.

Top T-Shirt Looks for Spring and Summer men dust blue t-shirt


For a look that's a bit less edgy but just as cool, pair a dust blue t-shirt tucked into navy chinos and round off the outfit with an off-white cap and matching slippers. Definitely a top t-shirt look for spring and summer 2024, and thanks to its timeless style an outfit that stays on trend for many more seasons to come.

Top T-Shirt Looks for Spring and Summer men dark green t-shirt


T-shirts and chinos are a match made in style heaven. This style combination can be interpreted in various ways. Another way to style a t-shirt with chinos is in earthy green tones. Pair a dark green t-shirt with olive green chinos or khaki chinos and complement the look with cool sunglasses and dust grey or beige sneakers. 

Top T-Shirt Looks for Spring and Summer for Women 

Top T-Shirt Looks for Spring and Summer women dust grey t-shirt


Speaking of dust grey, this colour works perfectly for women in spring too. For this, style loose, black-washed high-waisted boyfriend jeans with a brown belt, a tucked-in dust grey t-shirt, a black fisherman hat, and black platform loafers. You'll get a cool, androgynous look that's minimalist and timeless at the same time.

Top T-Shirt Looks for Spring and Summer women navy t-shirt


The style combination of t-shirt and chinos works just as well for women as it does for men. For example, if you style a dark blue boyfriend t-shirt loosely with beige chinos and white simple sneakers and sunglasses, you've created a minimalist navy look that's ideal for spring and summer 2024.

Top T-Shirt Looks for Spring and Summer women white t-shirt


For the ultimate summer look, we love cream and beige tones. A lightweight t-shirt in off-white tucked into relaxed, cream coloured high-waisted jeans with white sneakers or beige loafers is a prime example of one of our top t-shirt looks for spring and summer 2024. It’s airy, light, and anything but "vanilla".

Top T-Shirt Looks for Spring & Summer: Conclusion

T-shirt weather is by far our favourite weather. And after our style guide for men and women, you'll probably understand why. After all, t-shirts – especially when chosen in premium quality – are unrivalled in their timeless charm. They allow us to create looks that are understated yet bring a sophistication through their minimalist design that few other garments can compete with.

We at SANVT are absolute fanatics when it comes to perfected essentials, and no other basic gets our fashion hearts skip a beat like the t-shirt. By the way, did you know that you can choose our Perfect T-Shirt not only by length but also by width? This means you not only get a sustainable and ethically produced tee in premium quality but also a product that actually fits like a glove! 

Find out more about our innovative sizing system here.

Photos by Chris Groneng, Aziz Lem, Chris Fraas, Julien Bergeron, Marija Emilova & Barbara Reichl

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