What is a heavyweight hoodie?

Paulina Kulczycki

Ho Ho Hoodie! In wintertime, pullovers, hoodies, and sweatshirts are part of the daily dress code. But how do we find the perfect hoodie that provides enough warmth, elegance, and comfort? At SANVT, we have created a heavyweight hoodie that meets all of those criteria. And as always with SANVT, it is sustainable, carbon neutral and fairly produced. But what exactly is a heavyweight hoodie, and how is it different (beyond the weight – duh!) from a regular hoodie?

Hoodies are arguably one of the most iconic pieces of clothing in the world. While they may have once only been worn by artists, musicians, athletes and skaters, they are now to be found in almost every closet. In women's fashion, they can be worn with mom jeans and an oversized coat. In men's fashion, matching sweatpants, sneakers, a beanie & a hoodie will do the trick. Hoodies are versatile and no longer just for cosy slouchy looks at home.

However, if you want to make the hoodie truly chic and timeless, you first need to find a high quality hoodie that doesn't wear out, get holey or pill right away. A heavy hoodie with a GSM value of over 400 g/m2 is ideal for this. But what is a heavy hoodie anyway, you ask? Let’s take a look under the hood!


What is a heavyweight hoodie SANVT beige hoodie

Heavy hoodie vs. normal hoodie

First and foremost, a heavy hoodie is of course heavier in weight than a normal hoodie. Makes sense, right? But what is the standard weight of a common hoodie and what does the weight depend on? The weight of a garment is measured in GSM, which is the grammage of the fabric per square meter. The more densely woven the fabric, the heavier it is. Heavy and thick materials are usually more robust, durable and high quality than thinner woven fabrics. The standard GSM value for hoodies ranges from 280-340 g/m2, whereas hoodies with a weight of 350g/m2 or more are considered heavyweight.

Heavyweight hoodies are slightly more expensive due to their higher quality, but they are also more durable than regular hoodies. They do not wear out as easily, get fewer holes and are more resistant to pilling. They also keep the body warmer due to the denser material, making them ideal for winter and cold temperatures. We recommend buying a hoodie that is made of sustainable and fine materials, such as organic cotton. Also, make sure that the cotton is combed so that the material is nice and smooth. This way, you'll ensure that your hoodie is not only cosy and soft on the inside, but also looks more premium and classy on the outside.


What is a heavyweight hoodie SANVT black hoodie women 

Heavyweight Hoodie by SANVT

At SANVT we love quality, minimalism and optimized sustainable design. That's why we created the perfect hoodie from SANVT using a 400 GSM French Terry material. Crafted from 100% supercombed cotton, the heavyweight hoodie guarantees fabulous softness and ideal comfort. After close to two years of development, we’ve created our special "loopback" fabric to achieve a higher degree of softness. The diagonal loopback fabric also provides outstanding thermoregulation and breathability. Not only was the material of our hoodie important to us but of course also the design.

The double lined hood, the Lycra reinforced waistband and the elaborate sleeves stand for long lasting comfort. Not only that, our French Terry is fabric dyed. This means that we dye the fabric before the garment is made – all without using harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Unlike piece dyeing, which often leads to colour loss in conventionally made garments, our process guarantees greater colour depth and minimizes colour loss even after frequent washing.

SANVT’s heavyweight hoodie comes in four timeless colours and 21 size combinations, allowing you to pick both the width and length of your perfect hoodie. This gives you an almost tailor-made piece that's also sustainable, carbon-neutral and fair.


What is a heavyweight hoodie SANVT grey hoodie 

How to style a hoodie

Once you've found the perfect hoodie, the only question left is how to style it properly. If we're being honest with you, there's not much you can do wrong when styling a hoodie. As long as you choose your hoodie in timeless colours, you can combine it casually, monochrome, tone-on-tone, smart and even elegant – no matter what your style is. Whether you're at home, on the go, or in the office, the hoodie is now everywhere and always in style.

For women, we recommend mixing a black hoodie with classic elements, such as a cognac coat, black and straight-leg jeans, patent heeled boots and a hat. Alternatively, a beige hoodie looks stylish with (fake) leather culottes or a (fake) leather maxi skirt with Dr. Martens boots and retro sunglasses.

For men, we recommend wearing the grey hoodie monochrome with grey sweatpants, a black trench coat, a black beanie and white sneakers. Or for a slightly more elegant style: a navy hoodie with heavyweight dark blue chinos, brown boots and a camel-coloured coat, rounded off with a scarf.

For more styling inspiration on how you can style the classic black hoodie, click here.


What is a heavyweight hoodie SANVT

What is a heavy hoodie: summing up

So, in conclusion, a heavy hoodie is a classy, high-quality essential that no closet should be missing. In basic colours like black, beige, dark blue or grey-melange, you can be sure your essential will stay on-trend for a long, long time.

If you want to learn more about the history of the legendary and iconic hoodie, you can read more here.


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