What’s a heavyweight sweatshirt?

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The days of lukewarm breezes and light layers are gone – it's time to wrap ourselves in more, or simply heavier, layers. In winter, our clothing fabrics need to be significantly denser to up the warmth insulation game. The heavier a sweatshirt is, for instance, the fewer layers we need, allowing our winter looks to stay effortlessly stylish. But what’s a heavyweight sweatshirt anyway? At SANVT, we decode the distinctions between heavyweight and run-of-the-mill sweatshirts, revealing what’s important for your winter essentials.


What’s a heavyweight sweatshirt SANVT

400 GSM French Terry - The Perfect Sweatshirt 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas – not just outside, but also in our wardrobes. Thick jackets, scarves, jumpers, and sweatshirts are being layered up every day to sustain the temperature drop. And if your outfits are growing bulkier by the day, as you pile on one layer after another to brave the cold, we've got a smarter solution for you: a heavyweight sweatshirt that insulates as much warmth as two regular jumpers together. So, instead of adding more layers, learn to layer smarter and more effectively. A heavyweight sweatshirt serves as the perfect foundation for versatile, stylish, and cosy winter looks for both men and women. But what’s a heavyweight sweatshirt and what sets it apart from its lightweight counterpart?

Heavyweight Sweatshirt vs. Regular Sweatshirt

It goes without saying that a heavyweight sweatshirt is, well, heavier than a regular one. But where does that extra weight come from? Surely not from Christmas cookies! The answer lies not only in the type of material but also in the density of the weave structure and, consequently, the thickness of the fabric. The denser the weave, the thicker and heavier the fabric. The weight of the material is then measured in GSM, indicating the grams per square meter of the fabric (g/m²). Generally, the denser, thicker, and heavier the fabric, the more robust, heat-insulating, and high-quality it tends to be. And, consequently, the better suited it is for winter.

While a regular sweatshirt weighs between 270 g/m² and 350 g/m², a heavyweight sweatshirt should have a GSM value of 350-450 g/m² to keep you warm, but without making you sweat. The type of material is just as crucial as its weight. If the fabric is tightly woven but of inferior quality, the weight of the sweatshirt won't count for much. A high-quality heavyweight sweatshirt should be crafted from quality fabric, like premium cotton, guaranteeing not only top-notch longevity but also functionality and comfort.

For a more in-depth guide on GSM and fabric densities, click here.


SANVT What’s a heavyweight sweatshirt


The SANVT Heavyweight Sweatshirt

Our Perfect Sweatshirt is an essential that seamlessly blends sustainability and luxury. Handcrafted from 100% combed organic cotton with innovative French Terry Loopback and an exceptionally soft finish, our sweatshirt boasts a GSM value of 400 g/m². Perfect for winter! During the combing process, fibres are smoothed, and fine impurities are meticulously removed by hand. This results in an even finer yarn and, ultimately, the secret behind the extraordinary softness of our French Terry Loopback. By the way, "Loopback" is the literal description of the fabric, containing loops on the inside due to its weaving technique.

The diagonal loops on the back of the fabric not only minimise the escape of body heat in cold weather but also absorb moisture in warmer conditions, directing it to the interior of the material. Thanks to smart thermoregulation, our heavyweight sweatshirt can be worn not only in winter but also in warmer seasons, especially during transitional periods.


What’s a heavyweight sweatshirt for men SANVT

@anastasiosmoiras wearing the Perfect Sweatshirt with a white Longsleeve and a heavyweight Chino in Navy. 

How to Style a Heavyweight Sweatshirt

Now, the burning question: how do we style a heavyweight sweatshirt in winter to stay comfortably warm and look effortlessly good? Given the timeless and versatile design of our heavyweight sweatshirt, that's a walk in the park. For men, we recommend pairing our Perfect Sweatshirt in navy over a white long-sleeve t-shirt with heavyweight navy chinos. Add cool sneakers and a navy bomber jacket, or for a more sophisticated twist, a brown coat and brown boots.

Alternatively, tuck in our Perfect Sweatshirt in black into loose, light jeans with a belt and Dr. Martens boots. Throw on a cropped black beanie and a black trench coat to complete the edgy look. For extra chilly days, wrap our Perfect Scarf in black around your neck.

For women, we suggest pairing our grey Boyfriend Sweatshirt monochromatically with black-and-white or grey checked trousers and a grey oversized coat. Top it off with a grey hat and statement sneakers. For a more elegant look, wear our beige Boyfriend Sweatshirt with gold jewellery over a beige knit pencil skirt, taupe velvet boots, and a long taupe coat. A chic tone-on-tone look that keeps you warm without piling on extra layers.

By the way, here's another style guide on how to rock a grey sweatshirt for both men and women.


What’s a heavyweight sweatshirt for women SANVT

The Boyfriend Sweatshirt for Women. 

In Conclusion: what is a Heavyweight Sweatshirt?

As you can see, a heavyweight sweatshirt, compared to regular jumpers, is a higher-quality and sturdier piece crafted from premium materials that can accompany you through all seasons beyond just winter. It's a functional, versatile, and stylish winter essential that deserves a prime spot in every wardrobe. Especially, when ethically, climate-neutrally and sustainably produced, like the Perfect Sweatshirt from SANVT. Doesn’t get any better than that!

Photos by Anastasios Moiras Valentin Rudloff

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