What Lyocell is and why it works perfectly for Summer Tees

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Welcome to the summer. It’s the season that most of us look forward to but that said, we’re now having to contend with increasingly severe temperatures. Which poses a question: what exactly does it take to feel fresh and comfortable while strolling around in the intense summer sun? Just a tee, a pair of loose-fitting shorts, some sunnies, and a nice pair of sandals, right?

Well, not quite. The type of T-shirt you wear can significantly affect how comfortable you are in the heat. Put on a heavy tee and you’ll start to feel hot and bothered quite quickly. And yet despite that, most of the T-Shirts on the market these days are still made on the heavy side and not really designed for sweltering days.

So what’s the solution? At SANVT we don’t recommend taking your T-shirt off and swaggering around the streets bare chested, however liberating and refreshing that might feel. What we do suggest, though, is that you invest in a lightweight T-Shirt that’s designed for the task of taking some of the heat off in hotter temperatures. Enter Lyocell, a new fabric that does the trick quite nicely indeed when it comes to lightweight summer tees.

What is Lyocell?

Lyocell is one of the many innovative new fabrics that have become popular over the past few years to offer improved sustainability. It’s derived from processed wood pulp and is naturally biodegradable. The production of Lyocell is also non-toxic, energy-efficient, and produces little or no harmful by-products.

It’s a very environmentally friendly fabric then, for sure. But that’s not where the benefits end. Lyocell has all sorts of advantages as a fabric to be worn.

Here’s a quick summary some of the fabric’s properties that make it such a superb option in a summer T-Shirt.

  • Super light and smooth
  • Less transparent compared to comparable cotton t-shirts
  • Ultra breathable
  • Elastic and stretchable, while also being durable and long-lasting

The perfect Boxer Briefs by SANVT – consisting of a mix of lyocell and premium cotton

Lyocell and cotton: an optimal summer mix

Cotton is still the main go-to for T-Shirts because it’s such a comfortable natural fabric. So, how does Lyocell compare to cotton? Where is it better and where does cotton have the edge?

Lyocell does have quite a few advantages over cotton: it’s denser than cotton and isn´t so transparent when used in lightweight weaves. It’s also more breathable than cotton and takes moisture away from the body better than cotton does. This superior ‘wicking’ results in less of that unpleasant moist feeling in the fabric after you sweat. Lyocell is also softer and more flexible than cotton. And, as we’ve already mentioned, it’s superior in the sustainability department. Cotton, on the other hand, is more affordable than Lyocell – even premium varieties of cotton are cheaper – and it’s a little easier to maintain. Aesthetically, cotton also has a certain classic look about it that a lot of people like.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other, though. By blending the two fabrics above you can create a classic tee that’s light (but not transparent) soft, breathable, flexible, natural, durable, and won’t break the bank if you want to buy it.

In short, the perfect summer Tee!

The lightweight summer T-shirt from SANVT

At SANVT we’re always striving to produce the perfect essentials and crafting the perfect summer tee has been one of our missions over the past year or so. And so, we’re glad to introduce you to our lightweight summer T-shirt, made from an optimal blend of Lyocell and premium GOTS-certified cotton. Find out more about it here.

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