What is sustainable fashion? We asked for your definitions

SANVT Journal

Now, we are in his place preparing the future for the coming generations we have to ask: How do we envisage the future and how sustainable do we want to make it for everyone?

SANVT asked you what comes to your mind when you hear the word “sustainability”.

Here are a few other thoughts and approaches from some of our friends online:

“Everyone defines sustainability differently. For me it really englobes a lot of aspects: The planet as a whole and the people. So in terms of ethics: a company cannot be sustainable if it’s not ethical – including fair payment and working conditions. In terms of animals: Obviously it should be assured that no animals are being harmed and that only sustainable and ethical materials are being used…

…In terms of products: The longevity and durability of the clothing – the quality and the design should be in a way that will last through time and not just a trendy season. Finally circularity: Where does the fabric come from? Is there a loop system in the company so that there is no or very little waste, once the lifecycle of a product ends.” @chloe.kian

“For me, sustainability means not to deal selfishly with the world and other people: Not just living in the here and now, but being aware of the effects! Sustainability for me is therefore charity and awareness towards the environment and my fellow human beings.” @bele.marie_

@bele.marie_ wearing the SANVT Boyfriend Hoodie

“Sustainability concerns us all. Whether in the supermarket or in fashion. As a fashion influencer I am committed to sustainable brands, no matter how big the brand is. In fashion there is still a lot of demand for sustainability. This goes from manufacturing, materials to sustainable and environmentally conscious packaging. That’s why I’m a fan of @sanvtofficial, which has not only embraced sustainability in its company ideology, but also acts according to this principle.” @chrisfraas

“For me, sustainability means living in a way that preserves the wealth of resources that the earth offers – as much as you possibly can. This should be taken into account in every decision you make.” @mysustainableme

“Sustainability is reflected in many facets of my everyday life: It is about conscious action and the knowledge of the consequences – both positive and negative. That is why I try to make decisions that have a positive sustainable effect for me, but also for others. This can be, for example, buying fairly produced clothing or planting a tree.” @itzmarvinn

@itzmarvinn in our Perfect T-Shirt

As you can read in our previous blog post, sustainability, in a fundamental sense, means ensuring a (positive) long-term effect through one’s own actions. This means both on an individual and organizational level: SANVT has chosen sustainability as the guiding principle behind all of its actions. We want people to value the quality of their clothes and wear them for as long as they possibly can. Therefore we invest in sustainable production, classic design and high-quality materials that will last a long time.

Here is a summary of our sustainability initatives:


We compensate all production-related CO2 emissions.

We support local and global reforestation projects.

We use only natural and biodegradable fibers.

Our packaging is 100% plastic free. 

We recycle 99.9% of all waste water (loop system).

We dye all fabrics without harmful chemicals or heavy metals.

We work exclusively with certified production partners in Western Europe.

All our suppliers are located close to each other.


Not only that, our wide range of width and length options for your perfect essential is not designed to overwhelm you, it’s just that traditional sizes only offer a great fit to about 25% of the population. This is important: to make your closet more sustainable, your clothes must fit you nicely so that you can wear them happily and stylishly over the long term. If you want to learn more about our philosophy, you can read more about it here.