Style Guide: Sustainable looks for summer

Paulina Kulczycki

When it comes to sustainable looks, it’s all about putting a modern, contemporary spin on timeless essentials. While basics are the backbone of any outfit, we still want to wear more than just a white t-shirt on a daily basis – especially in the summer. In this style guide, we’ll tell you how to create sustainable looks for this summer by reimagining your essentials.

If you’re like most of us, you probably stand in front of a full closet every morning, clueless, asking yourself the same question over and over again:“what the hell do I wear today?” Especially in the summer, when the temperatures rise, it’s sometimes not so easy to find the perfect look. In comparison to spring and fall – the transitional seasons where you can easily create cool looks by layering – the options are more limited in summer. It’s especially true if you value a sustainable wardrobe.

After all, creating sustainable styles isn’t about following every short-lived trend and buying new pieces every season only to throw them away next year. It’s rather about creating a foundation of reliable basics that can be re-styled over and over again. Basics that will serve us for a long time and won’t go out of fashion. Let us now introduce you to the coolest long-lasting looks for this summer. Follow the guide and add a summer vibe to your essentials!

What to wear in summer: sustainable looks for women

Casual: off-white t-shirt under a pair of linen dungarees

A breezy, casual look that always works in the summer is wearing a plain off-white t-shirt under a pair of linen dungarees. This outfit is not only ideal for picnics in the park but also for strolling in the city. It can even be upgraded with a few cool accessories if you’re going to a festival (remember these?!). With cat-eye sunglasses and slip-ons or platform sandals, the look is complete. As a basic for this outfit we recommend The Unisex Lightweight T-Shirt from SANVT – a breezy all-rounder for warmer days. In off-white, the t-shirt goes nicely with earthy and natural colors.

The Summer T-Shirt from SANVT in off-white under a pair of linen dungarees.

Monochrome: oversized boyfriend t-shirt with cycling shorts

Another cool outfit for summer is to wear an oversized boyfriend t-shirt with bike shorts. That’s right: bike shorts are cool and they will remain cool! The interesting part of this outfit is that both the top and the bottom are considered basics – and they can be combined with other pieces in any way you like. If you want to go for the monochrome trend à-la Yin & Yang, then choose your bike shorts in black and your boyfriend t-shirt in white. Just add a fanny pack around your waist, cool sneakers and subtle jewelry, you’ve created a timeless and sustainable summer look. The style is elegant thanks to the monochrome color scheme, yet with a touch of edginess. Choose The Boyfriend T-Shirt from SANVT as a sustainable basic (and in one size larger to perfect the oversized look).

Our white Boyfriend T-Shirt in a monochrome styling with black cycling shorts.

Light and breezy: black t-shirt with knot to maxi skirt

An essential that is an absolute must for your summers is the maxi skirt. Whether pleated, with a slit or with volants, or with animal print, floral, plaid or plain. We love the airy maxi skirt, which flatters different body shapes depending on the cut and material. But what’s the best way to wear a maxi skirt for a summery and casual look? Our recommendation is a plain black t-shirt with a knot in the front to emphasize the waist. Pair it with chunky sandals with socks for a style twist, or cool platform sneakers for a more sporty look.

SANVT’s Heavy Boyfriend T-Shirt in black is the ideal essential for this look. Its heavy material creates a neat contrast with the airy and light maxi skirt.

The Heavyweight Boyfriend T-Shirt from SANVT pairs well with a light maxi skirt.

What to wear in summer: sustainable looks for men

From basic to statement: white t-shirt with chunky sandals

True — we started this guide by saying that we don’t always want to wear just a white t-shirt in the summer. But what if that t-shirt forms a completely different style with a pair of vintage pants and chunky sandals? After all, no other basic is quite as versatile as the white t-shirt. With rolled-up sleeves, a fisherman’s cap and sunglasses, the look becomes a bold fashion statement. The Perfect T-Shirt by SANVT is the ideal basic for this look – timeless and with a perfect fit.

The Perfect T-Shirt from SANVT becomes a fashion statement when combined with chunky sandals.

Tone on tone: black t-shirt with black denim dungarees

Yeah, we’re really digging dungarees. We believe dungarees (both for women and for men), are a cool and timeless alternative to pants. And the cherry on top: they’re so easy to style! For women, we recommend dungarees made of a light linen fabric. For men though, a more robust material like denim is best. The look comes out particularly cool in a monochrome color-scheme, or tone on tone. A pair of black denim dungarees, combined with a black t-shirt made of a heavy fabric and cool sneakers, is a timeless, bold and sustainable look that will remain stylish for several seasons. SANVT’s Heavyweight T-Shirt fits in perfectly with this look.

Our black Heavyweight T-Shirt looks cool with a pair of black denim dungarees.

90s Skater: oversized t-shirt with vintage denim shorts

If you want to go for even more casual and sleek summer looks, a breezy oversized t-shirt in off-white works great with cropped vintage denim shorts. This style is somewhat reminiscent of skater looks from the 90s and can be complemented with cool sunglasses and sneakers with high-top socks. SANVT’s Lightweight T-shirt is made from an innovative fabric that combines high breathability with the finest feel. In a size larger, it falls in a light and airy way and works well with oversized styles.

The off-white Summer T-Shirt from SANVT is lightweighted and therefore the perfect essential for summer.

Now, who says sustainable fashion always looks the same?

After reading this post, we hope it’s clear that you can style your sustainable basics in a timeless yet on-trend way. With these sustainable looks for the summer, you will be a trendsetter this year and beyond!