What Your Choice of Sweater Says About You

Paulina Kulczycki

Ah, the winter season, where the crisp chilly air beckons us to embrace the cosiness of our jumpers. Whether it's sweatshirts, hoodies, zip jackets, knit jumpers, or the ever-so-dapper turtlenecks, winter mandates a rendezvous with pullovers. The selection of your chosen jumper though is not a mere sartorial decision – it's a statement about you, your lifestyle, and your taste. For fashion, you see, is more than just garments: it's a canvas for creative self-expression. Here at SANVT, we firmly believe that clothes maketh the man and, today, we embark on a little psychoanalytical journey, decoding the enigma of what your choice of sweater says about you.


As the cold bites, you probably reach almost daily for your go-to jumper. And what seems effortless and natural to you is, in fact, a revelation of deeper truths. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, so is your style! The type, cut, and hue of your jumper give more insights about who you are than you think. Armed with years of fashion and styling experience, today we’ll play the role of amateur fashion psychoanalysts, daring to speculate on your personality based on your jumper.


What Your Choice of Sweater Says About You SANVT sweatshirt


The Perfect Sweatshirt

If your preferred sweater happens to be SANVT's Perfect Sweatshirt, then minimalism, casual flair, and functionality are as paramount to you as style and aesthetics. You relish sophistication, yet with a touch of nonchalance. You neither want to compromise comfort for style, nor the other way around. Fanatics of premium sweatshirts tend to be creative, ambitious, and tech-savvy, avoiding the tedious pondering about wardrobe choices. You want to save precious time by opting for simplicity and finesse. And since the Perfect Sweatshirt seamlessly transitions from start-up ambiance to after-work drinks, it always ensures a confident yet casual appearance. Business-casual is your credo and recipe for success.


What Your Choice of Sweater Says About You SANVT hoodie


The Hooded Sweatshirt

Opting for a hoodie as your winter essential signals a slightly more laid-back attitude. You see yourself as easy-going, carefree, and adventurous. A hoodie conveys to the outside world that you are sporty, extroverted and always open to new challenges. This holds true both in the professional and personal life, even if work doesn't always top your priority list. This ethos creates a healthy work-life balance, allowing you to prioritize leisure and friends over a relentless career pursuit. Hoodie wearers understand what life is truly about; enjoyment. They are spontaneous, interested in many hobbies and sociable when out and about. Comfort and ease define every outfit choice. Does this resonate with you? Then discover SANVT's Perfect Hoodie.


What Your Choice of Sweater Says About You SANVT zip hoodie


The Zip Hoodie

Alternatively, you might also like the hoodie with a zip-up, as a relaxed sweat jacket. If SANVT's Perfect Zip Hoodie is your winter favourite, athleisure defines your style – even if you perhaps do not have an affinity for sports. Zip hoodies are often worn by tech geeks, gamers, developers and entrepreneurs who like things practical and functional but still allow room for creative chaos and ease. Your style and appearance are of secondary importance to you, and yet you always manage to put on an effortlessly stylish look. However, you are primarily concerned with comfort and versatility. You are career-driven, determined and consistent and prefer relaxed sit-ins with good friends instead of hitting the nightclubs. And a Zip Hoodie is always the right choice for that!


What Your Choice of Sweater Says About You SANVT knit sweater


The Knit Sweater

Should SANVT's Wool Blend Sweater be your winter essential, then you're the kind of man who doesn't waste time beating around the bush and gets straight to the point. You prefer chic minimalism to unnecessary frills. You prioritise elegance and quality in your choice of clothes, which always gives you a sophisticated look. You are cultivated, organised and demanding and can discuss any topic in a worldly manner. Sensitivity and diplomacy are among your greatest strengths, which is emphasised by soft textures. A fine spirit that translates fine structures and a soft feel into elegant looks.


What Your Choice of Sweater Says About You SANVT rollneck


The Roll Neck

Now, onto the seemingly most conservative model among winter jumpers; the roll-neck knit. Enthusiasts of the turtleneck, however, defy easy categorization. Perceived as pragmatic and somewhat introverted, they often evoke traditional values. Yet, if it was up to you, you’d much rather prefer being called a nonconformist. If SANVT's Perfect Roll Neck is your go-to essential, your style undeniably exudes class and elegance. Reserved and subtle on the first impression, you radiate confidence in your life philosophy. Friends peg you as the intellectual, always up-to-date about your city's cultural offerings. You favour a good book over a film but rarely say no to an underground techno party. There's an air of mystery about you, full of exquisite surprises.


Conclusion: What your choice of sweater says about you

Of course, we cannot entirely judge individuals solely by their choice of attire. But whether you agree with our little fashion psychoanalysis about what your choice of sweater says about you or not, one thing is undeniable; clothes speak louder than you think. At times, our style conveys precisely who and what we are, while occasionally, it hides our true selves. How we are perceived, however, remains in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, we encourage you to dress in a way that resonates with comfort and authenticity! And that's precisely what our sustainable and ethically produced essentials at SANVT aim to provide – regardless of which jumper model you choose.

By the way, discover more tips on selecting the finest winter sweaters here.


Photos by Valentin RudloffUlrich Minkang, Chris Fraas, Efe Efeturi, Chris del Marle & Aziz Lem

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