When to wear a polo shirt?

Paulina Kulczycki

Polo shirts are one of the most popular, functional and smartest pieces of outerwear. Especially in men's fashion, the polo shirt has become an indispensable essential that can be combined in many ways and fits almost all occasions. The emphasis here is on "almost". So when should you wear a polo shirt and on which occasions is it better to give it a miss? As polo shirt fanatics, we at SANVT give you some examples of when a polo shirt is the perfect piece to wear and how to style it depending on the event.


When to wear a polo shirt? To be honest, nowadays there is hardly an occasion where the polo shirt is a faux pas. A few exceptions are very formal celebrations, like fancy weddings and sports activities, except for tennis, polo and golf of course. And we wouldn't exactly advise you to show up to a funeral in a white polo shirt either. Otherwise, a minimalist polo shirt is a classic that works for both business and leisure – depending on the styling!

We advise you to get yourself a monochrome polo shirt made of the finest piqué fabric, with a classy button placket, a minimalistic collar, a functional design in a slim fit and preferably without a chest pocket, to get a truly smart and timeless product. Our perfect polo shirt from SANVT ticks all of those boxes and, on top of that, it is produced in a sustainable, climate neutral and fair way. If you're still in doubt about how exactly a polo shirt should fit, you can get specific tips here

But to fully answer the question "when to wear a polo shirt", we will give you some styling tips for different occasions:

White polo shirt by SANVT

Polo shirt at work

One of the most suitable places and occasions to wear a polo shirt is in the office and at business meetings. Why? Because the polo shirt bridges the gap between a formal shirt and a casual t-shirt, and therefore always makes a competent impression at work. To give a white polo shirt the “business casual” style, we recommend that you combine it with navy chinos and white sneakers. It's a look that's not too forced, yet still looks confident.

Our perfect dark blue chino is the ideal companion for this look. If your job calls for a suit or more conservative etiquette, the look might seem too informal – otherwise, a polo shirt with chinos always seals the deal in business!

Polo shirt in a bar

Casual activities are also the perfect occasions to wear a polo shirt. For example, if you want to make a good appearance in the evening at your favourite bar around the corner while having a beer with some friends, you could totally combine a black polo shirt tucked in with black sweatpants or black slim fit jeans and black chucks.

It's a monochrome look that appears casual and elegant at the same time and can be equally worn in a cool bar or in an underground techno club. And if you think sweatpants are a no-go, let us convince you to the contrary with our perfect sweatpants

Black polo shirt by SANVT

Polo shirt at a BBQ in the park

When else can you wear a polo shirt in your free time? At a BBQ in the park, of course. For that we advise you to wear our dark green polo shirt with a pair of khaki chino shorts, a vintage cap and Vans with tennis socks pulled up. To complete the look, you can wear a print jute bag and sunglasses with it. This will give you the perfect casual look for the park and the city in the summer!

Polo shirt on a date

The polo shirt also makes a good impression on a (first) date. That's especially true with a stylish polo shirt in grey mélange, tucked in with black chinos and Dr. Martens sandals or black Birkenstocks. This look is particularly sharp! Rounded off with a shortened fisherman's cap, fanny pack and vintage sunglasses, you'll convey confidence and a sense of determination to your date without looking overdressed.

Navy polo shirt by SANVT

Polo shirt at a family party

At a family party, we advise you to wear a more formal navy polo shirt in combination with our sturdy, classy and heavyweight chinos, also in navy. This monochrome look almost resembles a suit, but looks far more casual. Tucked in with a brown belt, a vintage tweed blazer and suede slippers or classic oxford shoes in brown or beige, the polo shirt will appeal not only to you, but also to your grandmother! And is there anything more important in the world than making your grandma happy?

Whether it's a Sunday brunch or your third cousin's birthday, a dark blue polo shirt will guarantee compliments at family gatherings without you having to dress it up.

When to wear a polo shirt: conclusion

As you can see, there's a perfect polo shirt for each of these occasions (and many more). So, in the right styling, a timeless, minimalist and monochrome polo shirt is an absolute must-have for every style-conscious and minimalist man. So, when to wear a polo shirt, you ask? If you ask us: all day, every day!