Winter outfit ideas for women

Lesley Krijan

Winter looks for at home

Elvira wears the timeless Sweat set in the festive shade of navy.

The Sweat set

Our favourite look for winter is our cosy set consisting of a sweatshirt and matching sweatpants. Both garments are handmade from 100% organic cotton. The cotton is combed before processing to remove any impurities and to smooth the fibre. This process refines the yarn, making the garments incredibly soft.

Did you know?

On the inside of the Perfect Sweatshirt & Perfect Sweatpants there are small loops made of 400 g/m2 French Terry fabric. This diagonal “loopback” was specially developed by SANVT to make the essentials extra soft, warm and durable.

The French Terry loopback provides increased comfort and durability.

To add to high-quality workmanship and fair and sustainable production, SANVT also pays attention to minimalist design. This ensures that our essentials are durable and will be worn frequently. This also means you can combine your classic basics in a variety of ways.

Winter chic: essentials for the holidays

The combination of the chic chino and the classic oxford shirt blouse can be worn for any occasion.

The chino

Even though sweats are our favourite companion on chilly days, winter brings with it many festive occasions: from Christmas Eve to Christmas Morning and New Year’s Day – chic basics should be in every perfect wardrobe. The classic combination of chinos and a blouse is timeless. But it’s not just about good quality, comfort should not be skimped on here either.

The SANVT Boyfriend Chino is made of revolutionary stretch cotton and fits the wearer perfectly:

Thanks to their innovative closure, the chinos fit perfectly to the wearer.

  1. The chino is available in 18 different width and length combinations. This allows SANVT to ensure that the ideal size is available for every body type.
  2. The chinos feature an offset anchor-eye closure, hidden cords and an elastic waistband. This closure system can be individually adjusted and offers extraordinary wearing comfort.
  3. Last but not least, thanks to an innovative design, the chino can also be rolled up and its length can be changed and optimised by up to six centimetres.

The Boyfriend Oxford Shirt

A perfect complement to chinos is a classic blouse. But what makes a good blouse? Besides sustainable production, it is important that a blouse is made from a high-quality material, such as organic cotton. The medium-weight cotton fabric of the SANVT Oxford Shirt is given a special Panama weave and a brushed finish to guarantee softness and durability. This makes the essential particularly sustainable, as it will stay with the wearer for a long time.

The dark blue shirt blouse is the perfect winter colour – but can be worn all year round thanks to a minimalist design.

Essentials for the whole year

So, in summary, a winter-proof wardrobe should offer a perfect mix of comfortable everyday essentials and chic celebration looks. At SANVT, we place a high value on sustainability and have consciously decided against trends and changing collections. Our basics can therefore not only furnish your winter wardrobe but can also be combined and worn appropriately throughout the rest of the year. We love slow fashion!