Slaying Winter with Style: How to dress for the cold fashionably

Paulina Kulczycki

As autumn descends upon us, the days get shorter, the nights grow longer, and the temperatures take a chilly nosedive. It's that time again, gentlemen, to trade in those summer shorts, t-shirts, and lightweight fabrics for snug winter gear. Out with the short sleeves and in with the cosy layers! But the real question is, how do you navigate the cold of winter without sacrificing your style? Fear not, for in the SANVT Men's Style Guide, we're about to introduce how to dress for the cold fashionably. Gone are the days when you had to choose between functionality and flair – with SANVT's timeless and functional essentials, you can have it all, slaying winter with style!

We personally relish the cooler temperatures of autumn and winter because they present us with the opportunity to style a whole bunch of creative looks. The obvious need to pile on layers and embrace thicker, coarser materials in the name of warmth opens up a world of possibilities for crafting fashionable outfits on chilly days. Cleverly constructed layer looks that are both functional and fashion-forward are our secret weapon for mastering winter with flair. In this style guide for men, we show you how to create your very own winter look using SANVT's top-quality essentials. From sporty casual to androgynous elegance, and even sharp business attire – we've got the perfect style for every occasion and taste. Why choose between comfort and elegance when you can have both? So, prepare yourself for some cool days and even cooler styles!

How to dress for the cold fashionably

Shades of Grey

One of the simplest yet coolest winter styles involves playing with shades of grey and beige. Picture this: a grey sweatshirt paired with a heavyweight off-white t-shirt as an undershirt, matched with dark grey heavy chinos, a beige wool jacket, and beige boots. To accentuate these high-quality essentials, consider adding subtle accessories like a classy wristwatch to give your otherwise minimalist look a touch of luxury. And when the cold wind howls, don't forget to drape our perfect grey scarf around your neck – it's your shield against the elements without sacrificing style.

 How to dress for the cold fashionably SANVT caual

Sport meets Business

Another fuss-free winter style is donning grey, thick trousers with a white Oxford shirt, and casually throwing on a navy zip hoodie, all paired with white sneakers. Top it off with a navy or grey trench coat, and you've got a look that's sporty and casual yet elegant and smart enough for the office and business meetings. It's all about balancing comfort and competence, right?


How to dress for the cold fashionably SANVT smart 

Androgynous Layering

If you're feeling more adventurous, indulge in layers, flowing fabrics, and androgynous elements. Imagine wide, grey trousers with a subtle flare, worn with white platform sneakers, and a beige sweatshirt layered over a patterned shirt. Complete the ensemble with a straight, long coat and a quirky vintage women's bag slung diagonally across your shoulders for that extra dash of pizzazz. And Voilà! You've got a sophisticated look that could rival the street styles of Paris. This is how to dress for the cold fashionably, dear gents!


How to dress for the cold fashionably SANVT androgynous 

Casually Monochrome

For those who appreciate the classic, timeless style of James Dean, imagine tucking a black polo shirt into a faded black oversized pair of jeans, slipping into white sneakers, and casually draping a beige knitted sweater over your shoulders for that nonchalant, charming look. As the temperatures dip, simply layer the knit sweater over the polo shirt and, if needed, add a black trench coat and a black scarf. It's uncomplicated, laid-back, monochrome, and forever chic.

 How to dress for the cold fashionably SANVT timeless

Cool Softness

Lastly, allow us to introduce you to a minimalist and snug winter look that will undoubtedly keep you stylish throughout the season. Picture ultra-soft, high-quality black sweatpants tucked in grey socks, paired with grey sneakers, a heavyweight white t-shirt, and a beige teddy jacket. Elevate the look with a cropped black beanie and some cool headphones, and you've got an ultra-soft yet effortlessly cool style for those cool days. And if "cool" ever turns to "freezing," just layer a black knitted turtleneck sweater over the t-shirt and beneath the jacket for an extra layer of warmth.

 How to dress for the cold fashionably SANVT soft

How to dress for the cold fashionably: Slaying Winter with Style

With our style guide, we've conclusively proven that winter doesn't demand any sacrifices in style. With this handful of looks, you'll be slaying winter with style – as effortlessly as ever. Thanks to our high-quality, timeless, and sustainable basics, it’s no longer a challenge to dress for the cold fashionably. Discover more essentials on our online shop and explore our range of ethically produced, climate-neutral fashion that impresses not only with style and quality, but also with sustainability and transparency. Staying cool has never been easier!

Photos by Efe Efeturi, Zach T. LopezKrum Dzhermanov, Chris Fraas & Nik Net