Zip-up hoodie vs. pullover hoodie

SANVT Journal

The hoodie has overcome its controversial past to almost become a wardrobe essential. But if you’ve taken the easy decision to buy a hoodie then you will have to make a difficult call on what type of hoodie to choose. There are two main variations: the zip-up hoodie and the pullover hoodie. 

Which is better is a longstanding and divisive debate and one that we intend to clarify impartially. Because both types do have their merits.

So, here’s our summary of the zip-up hoodie vs. the pullover hoodie. If you’re short of time then here are some key takeaways but skip straight over to get to the detail. 

Zip up hoodie vs. pullover hoodie: key points

  • The pullover hoodie has the most iconic look
  • It can be warmer than a zip-up but is less flexible in outfits
  • The zip-up hoodie can be more practical and versatile than a pullover
  • A zip-up could even be layered and worn as a jacket in some conditions
  • Both types can have a pouch and are equally informal
  • Regardless of type, choose a high-quality hoodie that fits you well.

The Casual Classic: Pullover hoodie

The pullover hoodie was first popularized in the 1960s and 70s and has since become a global style phenomenon. Now, its popularity is hitting new heights. Everyone seems to own a hoodie.

The classic pullover hoodie has no zip and is a hooded sweatshirt that must ,of course, be pulled over the head to be worn. Compared to the zip-up hoodie the pullover might lose a little versatility and practicality but it gains in warmth – and also a certain amount of snugness because of the lack of metal. And as the pullover hoodie is the hoodie in its purest form – a lot of people prefer that clean unedited look compared to a zip-up. A kangaroo pouch is typically included but can also be found in zip-ups too, including SANVT’s zip-up hoodie.

In summary: the pullover hoodie is a style classic and has the iconic hoodie look that many people will prefer over a zip-up. Compared to a zip-up there’s also a boost to warmth but less versatility.

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The Comfortable Contender: Zip-up hoodie

Pullover hoodies are all well and good, in fact they’re great. But there are a few points about them that can a little impractical to some people.

Getting a pullover hoodie on without ruining your perfectly sculpted haircut is one potential issue, as could be the obvious challenge in getting a bit of breathing space by opening the hoodie up. The lack of an opening at the front also makes the hoodie less versatile – with no room for a layered look.

The zip-up hoodie banishes these possible problems. It will make no difference whatsoever to your impeccably styled hair. If you’re a bit uncomfortable with it closed, just open it up! You can also mix and match with other items for a layered look with the hoodie open. You could even wear a zip-up as a jacket in warm weather.

While the zip-up hoodie might lose a little in terms of warmth compared to a pullover, that’s not always a disadvantage depending on the conditions.

In summary: we’d say the zip-up wins in terms of practicality and versatility. But it doesn’t quite have the classic minimal look that a lot of people love about the pullover hoodie. 

Which is better for more formal occasions?

While the hoodie has shed its controversial past, and the norms of what’s formal and informal are becoming looser – we’d argue both are equally out-of-place for formal events. Each to their own, of course, but there’s no winner here.

Zip-up hoodie vs. pullover hoodie: which is better?

Well that depends on you. We’ve outlined some of the pros and cons in this article – which are valid but also subjective. Both types of hoodie have their merits and both can be great. Just bear in mind some of the key points we’ve made when making your decision. Pick the right hoodie for you!

Another important point is to choose a high-quality hoodie regardless of zip-up or pullover, so you can carry the timeless style for as long as you can. You can take a look at SANVT’s premium-quality hoodies in both options below.