The Tote Bag Factory

Company Overview

Quality Cotton Bag from Poland

Słupsk, Poland

The Perfect Canvas Tote Bag

Having the feeling of missing a very essential item in our timeless all year collection, we knew we needed to develop a cotton tote bag for everyday life. That said, we looked for an experienced manufacturing partner and found the perfect match in Poland. Not only do they have over 25 years of experience, but they also have very valuable factory principles , which are important to us when considering a new production partner. Not only do they try to communicate openly with suppliers as well as clients, but also the mental and physical health of their workers are very important to them - principles that we as a brand support 100%.

Experience and wellbeing

What began as a project of the always pro-ecological founding siblings, has grown into a two-generation family business. They have become the first company in Poland producing cotton bags, and as a result have started the renaissance of reusable cotton tote bags across the country.

"It is important that our employees come to work and leave work happy. Mental and physical health of our employees is super important for us. Some of workers are with us for more than 17 years which proofs we take care of everyone here." (Piotr Mizerek)

Assembled with care

Our Canvas Tote Bag is handmade with love from experienced workers in a manufacturing in Poland. Crafted from 100% certified organic cotton, this bag embraces eco-friendliness without compromising on strength. Assembled with care in Poland, the white on navy embroidery is meticulously done in-house, reducing unnecessary transportation. To complete the circle, each bag is delivered in our signature paper packaging made from recycled materials, reflecting our dedication to a greener future.

High standards for high quality

As everything happens in one place, it allows the factory to do all their produsage inhouse: starting with the cutting, sewing as well as the printing. Their modern machine park, enables the workes to ensure high quality as well as producing sustainably throught reducing waste by using they newest technology in production. As a result we can guarantee that our canvas tote bags are of high quality - just like the rest of our collection.

Innovative design

Unveiling hidden features to elevate your experience, this canvas bag is equipped with a discreet laptop pocket and convenient clip-on pocket for coins or keys. Embracing versatility, it seamlessly adapts to your daily needs, effortlessly organizing your essentials. To make a statement, the canvas bag has a prominent SANVT logo on the outside. 

Robust and Functional

Crafted from a robust 310 GSM panama weave, this canvas bag is engineered to withstand heavy-duty tasks with ease. Thoughtfully designed with both inner and outer pockets, this bag combines practicality and reliability for any adventure.