The Denim Masters

Company Overview

Founded in 1987

Milano, Italy

A Legacy of sustainable denim

Founded in 1987 in a picturesque town near Milan, Italy, Candiani has grown from a small family business to become the world's greenest denim mill. Denim production is one of the biggest challenges in the fashion industry. Known for its innovative approach, the company has established itself as a leader in sustainable denim production. Our partnership with Candiani aligns with SANVT's commitment to environmental responsibility and represents our shared vision for a sustainable future in fashion.

One of the world's cleanest denim factory

Denim production has historically been resource intensive, requiring significant amounts of water, chemicals and synthetic fibres. Our partner is meeting this challenge by using innovative techniques to minimise environmental impact. By adopting sustainable practices such as reduced chemical use and water-saving washing methods, the factory is setting new standards for environmentally friendly denim production.

Premium recycled denim

Our partner is tackling the problem of wasted water through its Candiani Denim PCR programme. This means that jeans made from post-consumer recycled cotton can be reinforced with organic Blue Seed fibres. This contributes to the longevity of the cotton - making the end product not only more sustainable, but also higher quality.

Our Perfect Jeans in blue are made from a blend of organic blue seed cotton (76%) and post-consumer recycled cotton (34%).

Combining heritage & innovation

Our partner's commitment to sustainability is epitomised by its signature fabrics. Candiani's "Denim PCR Programme" is an example of the company's approach to finding a balance between tradition and modernity, which underpins the partnership between SANVT and Candiani.

Crafting a denim for tomorrow

The company's distinction as the "World's Cleanest Denim Factory" isn't just a title, it's a responsibility. Together with SANVT, Candiani is setting the course for a future where fashion and sustainability are inseparable. Our commitment to you is to continue to deliver timeless, sustainable fashion that supports a healthier planet.