The Knitwear Factory

Company Overview

Quality Knitwear from Portugal

Abade de Neiva, Portugal

The Perfect Knitwear

A few years ago, we at SANVT set ourselves the goal of creating knitwear that is sustainable and of remarkable quality. To turn this dream into reality, we needed to find experts with the knowledge and skills to guide us on the path to perfect knitwear. After careful consideration, our Portuguese knit factory was the perfect match. It is internationally known for its high quality and has a very good reputation, not least because of the working conditions for all employees.

Cohesion and confidence

Felismina, the owner of the factory, and Raquel, the team leader (seen on header picture), have both been working in the garment industry for many years. From the beginning, it was important to them to establish a workplace where everyone feels comfortable and valued. Meanwhile, they work in a well-coordinated team in which each individual is a great enrichment. And thanks to many years of experience and individual talents, the factory has been able to perfectionize the knitwear production process.

Remarkable craftsmanship

Our knitwear collection is produced by using the fully fashioned technique. This is a particularly resource-saving manufacturing method that completely avoids production waste. While the individual parts (e.g. the sleeves and the collar) of each product are knitted to shape in one area of the factory, a second team of talented seamstresses takes care of the composition. This refined and sophisticated handcrafting technique not only allows for a sustainable production process, but also ensures a more accurate fit.

Quality and control

To avoid shrinkage, all our knitwear essentials are pre-washed in the factory and then subjected to quality control. The responsible employees not only check the fit and cut, but also all seams and the general condition of the material. This way we can be sure that our knitwear is always of the usual SANVT quality. As the entire inspection process is logged, it is also possible for us to consider after each round of production whether there is anything we can perfect about our products.

Innovative mix of materials

Together with our production team, we have invented an innovative material mix that enables us to produce sustainable knitwear. But we wouldn't be SANVT if our material was only sustainable! In addition, our knitwear collection convinces with highest softness, warmth and breathability. This is due to the proportion of recycled wool and recycled cashmere. A viscose and polyamide content made from recycled PET further adds the finishing touches to our knitted products: special durability and a perfect fit.

Soft and gentle

The gauge of a knitting pattern has a great impact on the quality of the product. For a particularly cozy feel and a noble look, we have opted for a gauge of 12. In contrast to conventional knitted essentials, we can therefore promise maximum wearing comfort and a luxurious haptic. In combination with the particularly soft material, we can further promise that our knitwear collection will keep you cosy and warm while not scratching at all.