The Shirt Specialists

Company Overview

Established in 1973

Panfiel - Portugal

The Oxford Shirt

Handmade by 110 employees

Perfect Match

Our shirt factory is idyllically located in the north-east of Portugal, just under an hour’s drive from Porto, the country’s second largest city. The moment we visited our shirt specialists for the first time in 2019, we knew we had found the perfect partner.

The similarities between our company philosophies in terms of sustainability and a conscious approach to nature and the environment are impressive and convinced us straight away.

Family Business since 1973

The factory was founded as a family business in 1973 and is now one of the leading Portuguese manufacturers of high-quality clothing – specialised in shirts and tailoring. The company’s mission is to create and maintain a behaviour guided by ethics and integrity towards the environment, the market and the employees. At the same time, the company takes measures to keep motivation and commitment high.

Founded about 40 years ago, the factory is still family-owned and managed by Elsa, among others. She is involved in many processes herself and regularly checks that all standards and resolutions are being adhered to.

Certified Sustainability

Numerous certificates confirm that our shirt experts adhere to the resolutions described above and produce sustainably while at the same time taking care of their employees.

Examples include the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) Certification for sustainable textile production, the Business Social Compliace Initiative (BCI) Certification for humane workplace conditions or the Prémio EDP Certificate for intelligent use of energy.

To add to that, the company has several certificates for the support and development of the Portuguese economy, as well as for the development of services for the region.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Just like SANVT, the factory wants to minimise its impact and impact on the environment. They achieve this through a wide variety of investments in technologies and processes.

In the process, our shirt experts have reduced their electricity consumption by 15 per cent and CO2 emissions by as much as 25 per cent. Water consumption has been reduced by over 60 per cent and more than 50 per cent of the fabrics used are already recycled and organic. By the way, our Oxford Shirt is also made from 100 per cent certified organic cotton.

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Ressource-saving Technology

Both SANVT and our production partner focus on creating fine products using the most exclusive and durable materials. Not only that, our Oxford Shirt specialists place the highest value on the latest technologies and resource-saving machines. All with the background of being able to produce as sustainably as possible while maintaining high quality.

Finest Quality

For garments that meet the highest quality standards, the factory relies on experienced staff, modern equipment, precise planning and strict quality control. Only the best and highest quality materials and fabrics are used in the production of our Oxford Shirts. At the same time, attention is paid to every detail. This is how one of the best Oxford Shirts in the world is created.

The Perfect Oxford Shirt

Safe. Fair. Social.

But it’s not just the ultra high quality of the garments that makes our factory different compared to fast fashion. Also the way people (colleagues and the team) are treated. It goes without saying that EU legislation is strictly followed and at the same time social, ecological, ethical and human rights factors are included. All employees are treated fairly and respectfully and compensated accordingly. We have seen this for ourselves on site, as well as the quality standards for production.

Employees with Heart

We celebrate craftsmanship and want to share this fascination with our customers. That’s why we want to briefly introduce each team in our shirt factory that is involved in the production of the Oxford Shirt.

From tailoring to finishing to quality control, there is a total of over 1000 years of expertise in the various teams. Some of the most respected tailors are involved in the creation of each item and pay meticulous attention to each step of the production. The pieces are all handmade by real people with heart – and of course with a life outside the factory.