The Polo Shirt Factory

Company Overview

Established in 2011

Tamel, Portugal

The Perfect Polo Shirt

Invented in India, made famous in the UK, perfected by us in Portugal. The polo shirt has its origins - as the name suggests - in the sport of polo. In the 1930s, it became famous thanks to the tennis player René Lacoste. Since then, the comfortable alternative to the shirt has become a real classic in every man's wardrobe. And at SANVT, we have reinvented this classic. By working closely with our Portuguese polo factory we can confidently say, that we are able to create perfect polos.

Highest quality

Our aim was to perfect the classic polo shirt. And the result is a garment in a class of its own! The SANVT polo is made from luxurious cotton piqué fabric. This material is not only particularly strong and durable, but also remarkably soft and pleasant on the skin. And of course, our premium cotton comes from 100% sustainable and climate-neutral cultivation. Did you know? Thanks to our cooperation with Climate Partner, we ensure that our entire production process is climate-neutral.

A factory with history

Our polo shirts are made in a small factory in Tamel, near Barcelos, Portugal. This factory, owned by the couple Pedro and Eva (shown in photo above), caught the attention of our quality team because it stands out on the industrial market. Years of experience (over 30!) and maximum competence enable the creation of the highest quality essentials. And thanks to great end products, Pedro and Eva's factory is internationally known and highly appreciated.

Craftmanship and Affection

For Pedro and his wife Eva, passion for their craft is just as important as taking responsibility for their team. As the owners of our Polo factory, they create a positive working environment every day – based on trust in every single employee. Together with their colleagues, their goal is to produce fashion sustainably and fairly. And by paying great attention to details and maintaining high-quality standards, they create essentials with value.


Innovation meets tradition

In our polo factory, innovative machines meet traditional sewing skills. For the sophisticated production of our polos, 45 employees with several years of experience and great know-how, are needed. At the same time, our polo experts also rely on innovative machines and technologies: because only by working together, is it possible to create a perfect product.

Passionate about it

During our visits in our polo factory, we felt from the very first moment how much passion employees like Patricia (as seen on picture) have for their craft. With great cohesion and a lot of joy in their work, the team of 45 people creates essentials that can be worn with a clear conscience. For us, the slow fashion approach does not end with environmental friendliness, but rather requires that all employees in the chain can work in a positive and fair atmosphere.