The Trouser Atelier

Established in 1996

Póvoa de Vazim - Portugal

The Smart Chino
The Smart Shorts
The Heavyweight Chino

Handmade by 20 employees

About the Factory

Located in idyllic Póvoa de Varzim – close to some Portugal’s most beautiful beaches – our trouser atelier has a long history of tailoring luxury trousers and crafting premium denim.

The factory is renowned globally for its eco-friendly and ethical production paired with outstanding craftsmanship. The remarkable quality is the result of the relentless dedication of the owners Cláudia and Tino, and their great team.

The married couple has over 50 years’ combined experience in textile production. For many years now, the atelier has specialized in the tailoring of premium chinos with contemporary designs and technical features.

Love, Dedication & Craftsmanship

Without a doubt, the factory in Póvoa de Varzim is one of the most unique factories we’ve ever seen. Cláudia and Tino run a rare operation, producing high-quality garments to renowned brands from Europe to America, all the while keeping employee happiness as a top priority.

When we first met these chino experts the extremely strong team spirit was palpable. Everyone in this small workshop shows so much love and dictation to their work that we fell in love with the whole team.

The factory truly makes a difference through innovation, initiative, commitment, and quality – while always focusing on customer satisfaction and never forgetting ethical values and social responsibility.

The Process

Woven trousers (like the smart Chino) aren’t easy to produce – they require specific cutting and tailoring to create the best fit for a wide range of wearers. As the saying goes: It’s all in the details. The team at our trouser atelier goes through an exacting training process to master traditional tailoring techniques. The extraordinary skilled staff works exclusively with some of the finest fabrics in trouser tailoring.

In recent years the factory has also invested substantially in automatic machines for applying outer pockets, inner pockets and drawstrings, including special English sewing machines, designated zigzag machines, special coating machines and CAD-CAM.

The People

Obviously the best factory, machines and processes are only as good as the people involved in the process of creating our luxury chinos. Tino and Cláudia, the extremely dedicated owners, are surrounded by their small team of skilled pattern makers, seamstresses and textile technicians. Talent is paired with enormous experience – such as Mila who has 33 years of experience (pictured above on the left) or Mónica who has 21 years of experience (pictured above on the right).

The Owners

Since the co-owner Tino left school at the age of 19, his entire professional life has been focused around textile production and tailoring. After meeting his wife Cláudia – a production manager – the two created of what we believe is one of the best trouser factories in the world. When the two are not around in their atelier, they enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature – especially their morning runs along one of the many precious beaches in the region.

Environmental Standards

Our trouser atelier has gone through enormous efforts to minimise the impact on the environment during its production process. The factory focuses on recycled and organic materials while reducing the use of plastic significantly.

Not only that, by the end of 2020, the factory will have installed solar panels on the roof of the factory so the entire production site will be run by renewable energy – produced ‘in-house’. A great example of maximising efficiency and increasing sustainability at the same time.