The Relaxed Chino

Style Guide

Style Guide: The Relaxed Chino

Merging the comfort of sportswear with the sartorial sophistication of formal trousers, the Relaxed Chino is the ultimate outfit building block, adding a contemporary touch to a timeless wardrobe. Discover how to effortlessly elevate your everyday outfits with our ‘Relaxed Chino Style Guide’

The Fit That Feels Right

Cut for a relaxed fit and featuring a wider trouser leg than our Smart Chino, the Relaxed Chino ensures a flattering fit for each body type. Perfect for those who demand style without sacrificing comfort.

Versatility in Style

Whether it's a spontaneous trip or a gallery event, the Relaxed Chino effortlessly fits in. The Relaxed Chino is an understated piece that effortlessly serves as an outfit elevator, working well for a variety of dress codes

The Relaxed Chino Style Guide

Four looks, one philosophy - journey through the alchemy of aesthetics with SANVT's Relaxed Chinos, your blueprint for sartorial integrity.

Look 1: City Comfort

This outfit brings together style and ease, perfect for navigating the city. It's a tribute to those quiet weekend mornings turned into afternoons at the corner café, dressed in quiet confidence.

Look 2: Textures in perfect harmony

Embrace laid-back sophistication and elevate your outfit by playing with textures. Experience the tactile pleasure of our Wool-blend Sweater paired with the casual elegance of the Relaxed Chino, adding depth and dimension to your style.

Look 3: Monochromatic nights

For a night look that's effortlessly stylish with a hint of mystery, pair the Dark Navy Oxford Shirt with the Relaxed Chino. This outfit transitions seamlessly from an intimate dinner to a casual city stroll under the moonlight.

Look 4: Laid-back elegance

Soft colors for a sunny day outside: pair the Relaxed Chino with the Perfect T-shirt in Dust Blue, proving that casual doesn't mean a lack of character.