Designed in Munich. Handmade in Portugal.

to fall in love with.

The days are getting longer and warmer; it’s finally time for T-Shirts again. With our sustainable T-Shirt collection you not only get super soft but also durable and biodegradable basics that last for years – without losing shape or color.

Premium quality.
Perfect fit.

Minimal design, remarkable quality, superior sizing. The Perfect T-Shirt is the ideal garment for everyday…

Normal vs. Oversized

We’ve introduced a revolutionary sizing system that considers width and length as independent dimensions.

Choose between a relaxed fit and a tailored fit.


Unlike most high-end brands, we are committed to offering the very best quality at the very best price. We’ve cut out the middlemen, kept our distribution model lean, and by selling online from our warehouse in Germany, we’re able to keep our markup at 2-3X rather than the traditional 6-8X.

Each step of our process aims to disrupt the status quo of the fashion industry.
We bring you the best of the best, without the inflated price.


Durable &
remarkably soft.

Our fabric has been specifically developed to guarantee shape retention. The fibres of our high-quality cotton absorb dyes better than conventional cotton fibres. This results in more intense colours that do not fade – even with frequent washing.

SANVT is 100% plastic-free (…) and works with factories that guarantee excellent working conditions (…)

The Munich start-up has perfected the T-shirt (…) SANVT sets new standards for high-quality basics (…)

SANVT is not taking part in the race for trends, which is being fought out on the backs of seamstresses and farmers (...)