Straight leg. Cut for an unisex relaxed fit.


The open weave construction of our denim is the cornerstone of both the durability and comfort of our jeans. By meticulously cutting the waistband along our spiral warp, we achieve a natural stretch of up to 4cm around the waist. This innovative technique offers an enhanced comfort level, eliminating the necessity for elastane.


We've fine-tuned the ratio between front and back rise to be as flattering as possible - no matter your shape, you're gonna look amazing. Plus, we nailed the back pocket size and spot to make sure your backside looks its best from every angle: making you look and feel great, from top to bottom.


All those trial runs really paid off! We're convinced we've nailed the straight fit for our jeans to flatter beautifully. We've given extra thought to how the denim flows over your shoes and sneakers - trust us, it's all in the semi-slim leg cut. That's the magic touch that makes these jeans a wardrobe must-have.