The Lightweight T-Shirt

Size: XS
Length: Shorter


Size: 164cm
Weight: 55kg
Shoe size: 36
92 4.6 Fit
100 5 Material
100 5 Quality & Finishing

Customer Feedback

Holdiday mode on! The super soft and light fabric is really comfortable. Wished you'd offer more colours for summer.

The Boyfriend T-Shirt

Size: S
Length: Regular


Size: 167cm
Weight: 61g
Shoe size: 37.5
84 4.2 Fit
100 5 Material
96 4.8 Quality & Finishing

Customer Feedback

The perfect T-Shirt really is perfect. The only shirt I wear at the moment. Also like the oversized fit of the hoodie a lot (...)

The Boyfriend T-Shirt

Size: M
Length: Shorter


Size: 172cm
Weight: 67kg
Shoe size: 39
80 4 Fit
100 5 Material
90 4.5 Quality & Finishing

Customer Feedback

I just love the comfy fabric of the tshirt and it doesnt loose shape when washing what is rare to find and so important (...)

The Boyfriend T-Shirt

Size: L
Length: Shorter


Size: 176
Weight: 75
Shoe size: 41
90 4.5 Fit
90 4.5 Material
100 5 Quality & Finishing

Customer Feedback

Ordered on Sunday , arrived on Tuesday morning!! Fantastic service. The shirts are easy casual, fits oversized & the fabric is outstanding!!

Ultra light. Extra breathable. Remarkably soft.


Lyocell is a natural fiber – created from sustainably grown wood. It is processed in a closed-loop system, which means that over 99% of the used chemicals and solvents can be recovered. This helps to keep the waste and the emissions as low as possible.


Especially in summer, lightweight fabrics and breathable materials are particularly desirable. To meet this demand, we’ve produced a summer shirt that ensures a high level of moisture absorption. On top of that, the innovative mix of Lyocell and cotton, provides both flexibility and long-lasting comfort.


SANVT essentials are made to last for a long time: a fine neckline, as well as our signature quality mark on the hem, add a luxurious touch to the essential and make it easy to combine your shirt. And due to our innovative sizing system, we are able to offer unisex clothing: You decide whether you prefer a more relaxed or a tailored fit.