Women's Style Guide for Boxy Looks

Paulina Kulczycki

Slim-fitting tees and tailored cuts may have ruled the fashion scene back in the 2000s, but today, it's all about the boxy fit for women. Whether it's blazers, shirts, sweatshirts, or tees; angular and straight silhouettes have been “the new black” for a while now, and they've earned their place as timeless, trend-proof foundations for any outfit. So, the boxy fit for women isn't just a fleeting trend; it's a casual style that's as enduring as it is effortless. In our women's style guide for boxy looks, we're revealing three ideas how to master the boxy style with effortless ease!


The secret to boxy looks is getting the right amount of "boxy" without falling into a frumpy abyss. You see, boxy fashion doesn't play by the "the wider, the better" rulebook. Instead, it's all about the refined combination of relaxed width and elegant lines. Think dropped shoulders, creating a silhouette that's reminiscent of, well, a box or a cube. Paired with flowing fabrics and soft contours, the boxy fit weaves interesting contrasts into every look, bringing casual elegance to anyone who dares to don it.


Best Boxy Looks for women SANVT t-shirt


Why is the boxy fit for women so popular?

For starters, the boxy fit is unbelievably cosy. And let's be real, those days of squeezing into too-tight, restricting clothing are long gone. Boxy tops not only grant you heaps of freedom to move but also are incredibly versatile. Their wider cuts make them perfect for layering looks. Boxy pieces are uncomplicated, yet they add a statement to any outfit. Comfort is just as important as style here. But how to style the boxy fit for women, without looking too baggy?


Women's Style Guide for Boxy Looks


If you're in for a laid-back, simple yet stylish day to day look, here's the game plan: tuck a dark boxy fit tee into a pair of dark mom jeans or high-waisted carrot jeans and cinch your waist with a belt. Creating nice contrasts between those wider trousers, the boxy top, and your accentuated waist. Finish the look with a cool fisherman's hat and sneakers for casual flair, or add a neckerchief and heeled boots for a touch of elegance. When temperatures drop, throw on an oversized blazer, and you're ready for the day! Our boyfriend t-shirt from SANVT is the perfect, sustainable, and high-quality basic for this boxy look. We recommend sizing up for an even more relaxed style.


Best Boxy Looks for women SANVT t-shirt jeans



If your style leans towards classic chic, pair our boxy boyfriend t-shirt with chinos or loose-fitting trousers for an added touch of class. Stick to muted or dark colour palettes for a sleeker look. Try a dust grey boxy t-shirt with beige chinos and statement jewellery with platform loafers, or go for a black boxy t-shirt with flowing black trousers and sleek slippers. Add an elegant handbag and sunglasses, et voilà; you've got an elegant boxy look that's minimalistic and timeless.


Best Boxy Looks for women SANVT t-shirt chino


Business Casual

But boxy fashion isn't just about being laid back or elegant – it's a chimera that can blend both styles into the perfect business casual look. Take a white boyfriend oxford shirt as your base. Wear it open over a white tank top and pair it with cream-coloured linen trousers, or tuck it into wide trousers with subtle patterns like hounds tooth, plaid, or stripes. The first option gives you a smart tone-on-tone look that can be spiced up with black accessories like a bag, sunglasses, and patent leather shoes. In the second option, the business casual look gets a subtle maritime twist, one that can even be paired with flip-flops without sacrificing competence and style. In winter, swap the flip-flops for boots and layer a navy boxy-fit sweatshirt over the oxford shirt. With the open collar over the sweatshirt, the outfit gets a preppy character, ideal for the office.

Even the tone-on-tone look can be complemented in winter with a beige boxy-fit sweatshirt. Instead of summer linen trousers, go for a beige A-line skirt with thick beige tights and cream-coloured over-the-knee boots. As long as there's no slush, this outfit is a refined and smart option for business casual looks in winter.


Best Boxy Looks for women SANVT oxford shirt business


Boxy Fit for Women: Conclusion

As you see in our women's style guide for boxy looks, there are plenty of styling options that are not only comfortable and casual but also smart and elegant. Tops with a boxy fit for women create geometric and interesting silhouettes that exude style and self-assuredness. 

At SANVT, we specialise in sustainable unisex essentials distinguished by an innovative sizing system. Learn more about our sizing system here to ensure that your timeless basics have the perfect cut for those cool boxy looks.


Photos by Julien BergeronElisa SchenkeMarija EmilovaRomy Hoinka, Paloma K & Suzanna Zakeryaeva

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