The Perfect Festival Look: A Style Guide for Men

Paulina Kulczycki

Summer’s right around the corner, and with it, festival season is ready to take the stage. Nothing gives more summery vibes than dancing to a killer lineup at an open-air rave or jamming to your favourite band at a cool festival. And with festivals come the inevitable festival looks! Depending on the festival’s size, vibe, and music genre, the dress codes can vary wildly. In our style guide for men, we’re here to help you figure out the perfect festival look – whether you’re dancing to techno or screaming your lungs out to your favourite pop-country idol.

If you’re as big a festival enthusiast as we are, you’ll agree: summer without festivals is like summer without sunshine. Whether we’re raving under a highway bridge at a secret underground techno gig or dancing through muddy festival grounds, a stylish yet comfortable outfit made from breathable materials is a must. Festival fashion allows us to be a bit more eccentric than our daily attire. Festivals, being little parallel universes, give us a sense of freedom and let us experiment with our clothing. At SANVT, we’re showing you five perfect festival looks for men that work just as well for parties, bar hopping or leisure. 

The Perfect Festival Look Open Air SANVT

Underground Open Airs

Let’s start small, with techno open-airs and raves. These are often underground events, organized in secret locations revealed just hours before the start. Be it in abandoned buildings, under highway bridges, or in the fields in the middle of nowhere: open-airs are edgy and add a touch of festival flair to our summer nights. Raves usually kick off at night. And since the northern hemisphere's summer nights can get a bit chilly, a cool layering look is ideal. Following the techno scene’s all-black aesthetic, of course. Pair our Perfect Black Jeans with our Heavyweight Black T-Shirt, and finish the look with stylish sneakers and accessories like a chain and a beanie. When it gets colder, throw on our Black Zip-Hoodie, and you’ve got a laid-back outfit that’s just as good for daytime wear in transitional seasons. 

The Perfect Festival Look Techno SANVT Techno

Electro Festivals

If you enjoy larger electronic music festivals like Sonar, Fusion, Garbicz, or Waking Life, your festival look can be slightly more daring and edgy. Opt for our Lightweight White T-Shirt tucked into our Relaxed Black Chinos, topped off with a cropped black beanie and black boots. Add some flair with cool accessories like silver earrings, bracelets, rings, and a pearl necklace to infuse some festival spirit into your outfit. For an extra edge, consider painting your nails black.

The Perfect Festival Look City Festival SANVT

City Festivals

You love festivals but what if camping, staying for a couple of nights and porta potties aren’t your vibe? Then city festivals like Dockville or Primavera Sound are perfect for enjoying the festival atmosphere without sacrificing the comfort of your own bed (and bathroom). For these urban festivals, we recommend a casual, laid-back look: our Perfect Sweatpants in grey melange paired with our Heavyweight White T-Shirt, statement sneakers, and a fisher hat create the perfect festival look that works for any genre, whether it’s hip hop, pop, electro, or rock.

The Perfect Festival Look Rock SANVT

Rock Festivals

For the hardcore rock fans heading to festivals like Wacken, Hurricane, or Melt, where moshing through crowds is the norm, your look can be a bit more rock ‘n’ roll. Our Perfect Light Blue Jeans, oversized and paired with our Perfect White T-Shirt, cool wellies, and a bandana on your head will give you Woodstock vibes. If you’re more into heavy metal, the look works also in all black with Vans. 

The Perfect Festival Look Iconic Festival SANVT

Iconic Music Festivals

Above the usual local festivals, there are a handful of music festivals that can sometimes justify crossing the ocean, like Burning Man, Coachella, Boom, among other iconic events. Here, your look can be a bit more extravagant. Anything goes on these festival grounds – from glitter and latex suits to going almost completely au naturel. You could even wear a birdcage as a hat without anyone batting an eye. For a more subdued yet stylish look, try wide-legged jeans with a flare, vintage cowboy boots, and a cool belt. Dance shirtless during the day, then layer up with our white Oxford shirt, a tie, and our black wool-blend sweater in the evening. Add a chic pair of sunglasses, a stylish bag, and some jewellery for a bold yet believable festival outfit.


The Perfect Festival Look: Conclusion

The perfect festival look depends on the context, the music genre, and the vibe of the festival itself. Of course, it also hinges on your personal style. Ultimately, festivals are about feeling comfortable and authentic. It’s not about "seeing and being seen" or showcasing the coolest festival look but about enjoying the summer and good music. With our men’s style guide, we hope to make your outfit choices a bit easier. And with our sustainable, soft, and breathable materials, we ensure you stay comfortable and fresh even after hours of dancing. So, ready, set, festival!


Photos by Arnald LagjiJulius God, Orlando RizzutiThandoChris Groneng

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