How should chino shorts fit?

Paulina Kulczycki

Men's shorts still have the bad reputation of being unsexy. They can be as awkward as socks in sandals or short-sleeved shirts – although even these fashion faux pas can be stylishly staged nowadays. For the longest time, shorts have been worn by men who have prioritized comfort and functionality over style and aesthetics. Dull dad looks are probably what first comes to our minds, when we think of men in shorts. But those days are history: this summer, fashion-conscious men can show some leg without risking their image. After all, it all depends on the cut, fit, material and the right combination. But how should chino shorts fit, you ask? At SANVT, we'll give you a detailed fit guide so you can make a confident appearance while wearing shorts.

When we think of men in shorts, many have their (leg) hair curling. After all, for a long time, shorts were a guaranteed fashion flop. But in recent years, (chino) shorts have earned their place in men's fashion. Thanks to casual red carpet looks, trendy street styles and the Fashion Week, men's shorts have been reinvented as the new stylish basic. But no matter the occasion and in which combination you wear them, shorts stand and fall with the fit. Therefore, of course, the legitimate question arises: How should chino shorts fit?

How should chino shorts fit: the most important factors at a glance.

  • Width: better too wide than too tight.
  • Length: rather too short, than too long.
  • Buttocks: neither skinny, nor baggy.
  • Cut: with pleat or minimalist.
  • Material: breathable, robust and seamless.


How should chino shorts fit: width

Unlike a long chino, where we recommend a slim fit, skinny cut chino shorts come across as anything but cool. Skinny shorts are not only out of fashion but also extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, we tend to recommend selecting a pair of shorts that are wide rather than tight. This makes chino shorts airy, casual and comfortable. An ergonomic fit with enough legroom and a loose waist, yet still working without a belt, is a perfect indicator of the ideal width of your chino shorts.


How should chino shorts fit: length

When it comes to the right length of chino shorts, the opinions are divided – especially between Gen Z and designers. While longer Bermuda shorts are currently hot on the runways, current street styles and influencers tend to feature micro shorts that end way above the knee. We at SANVT also tend to go for shorter shorts rather than longer ones. However, we think this is entirely a matter of taste. Whether your chino shorts are longer or shorter, it all depends on the combination and your style. You can find out how best to wear shorts here in our style guide.


How should chino shorts fit: buttocks

How we look from behind is often overlooked when choosing our pants. But the cut around the buttocks is anything but "out of sight, out of mind." How shorts fit in the back is one of the most important factors we should base our legwear choices on. A pair of chino shorts for example, should not be too tight around the buttocks, nor should it be too loose. The hem should be on the hip (so stay away from low rise shorts), and the fit should accentuate the contours of the body without being too baggy or too skinny. In other words, we shouldn't have too much fabric hanging off our butt, nor worry about tearing a seam when we want to sit down.


How should chino shorts fit: the cut

Currently, loose and short chino shorts with pleats are totally on trend! The cut of these shorts basically fits as if you had simply cut off a pair of wide suit pants from the 90s. Those pleated shorts in the right combination are even suitable for casual Fridays in the office or - in combination with a blazer and oxford shirt - even to formal family gatherings. If you prefer a more casual and timeless look, we recommend choosing your chino shorts in a minimalist design: no side pockets, no pleats, no frills. With a simple chino shorts with hidden pockets and a functional design, you really can't go wrong!


How chino shorts should fit: the material

When we talk about the cut and fit of a pair of shorts, we sometimes forget what an important role the material plays. After all, a pair of shorts will fit and drape very differently if they are made of denim, linen or cotton – even if the cut may be identical. The best fabric for chino shorts is made of breathable premium cotton. That's why we've created our smart shorts from SANVT using a super soft satin fabric that is made from a mix of stretch cotton (98%) and elastane (2%). This guarantees an ideal fit, functionality, freedom of movement and breathability without losing out on aesthetics and durability.


The perfect fit for shorts

Instead of trying on dozens of shorts and continuing to rack your brain with the question "How should chino shorts fit?", we offer you a far simpler suggestion: get the new smart shorts from SANVT. With this high-quality and sustainable basic, you can be rest assured that you're getting a timeless product with a perfect fit. After all, we put immense attention to detail into our products and guarantee a cut that fits like a glove with our optimized sizing system. Our innovative design and premium quality also meets all the criteria that make the perfect chino shorts. With this new basic in your wardrobe, the summer can ensue!