How to find the perfect fitting T-Shirt

SANVT Journal

  • Mass produced T-shirts are a relatively modern phenomenon
  • Body shapes and sizes vary greatly and standard retail sizes are inconsistent
  • This simplified sizing, designed for profit, means a great fit is difficult to find
  • New designers, like Sanvt, are developing far better sizing systems
  • You can choose length as well as width for a tailored fit

Tailored versus machine T-Shirts

T-shirts just haven’t felt right since machines took over production and standardised sizes down to a few oversimplified options. Back in the day, shirts used to be handmade by tailors and common citizens alike. It wasn’t until 1799, when the first clothing store opened in Hamburg, Germany, that mass produced garments, based on standardised sizes, became available. These sizes worked well enough for the factory owners and retailers but not always for consumers.

The 1950s brought about the current “five sizes fit all” regime; still relevant today where shirt sizes typically range from XS to XL. These sizes are inflexible to body shape, while different brands use varying measurements, making it even more difficult to find the right fit.

The one dimensional approach

Everyone experiences the headache of buying an ill-fitted t-shirt but the fashion industry still sticks to the same standardised system for t-shirts, shirts and sweatshirts. But why do suppliers of jeans use two measurements (i.e. length and width) while t-shirt manufacturers still try to squeeze seven billion human beings into five simple sizes?

The answer’s obvious: to maximise profits – by reducing stock risks and saving money.

Simplifying the range of sizes means fewer t-shirts get left on the rack. While this might suit the needs of high-street chains selling clothes in massive quantities, it ignores the unique needs and shapes of our bodies. In the name of practicality, the fashion industry has been ignoring our needs and giving us tees that fit on a wildly hit or miss basis!

All SANVT garments come in a variety of width & length options.

Everyone is unique

SANVT challenges the status quo of the fashion industry and has introduced a revolutionary system of dynamic sizes that offers more options for more bodies. This means customers can customise to their exact shape and requirements.

The result? Not only more sizes but better sizes, allowing men and women to adjust the width and length of each t-shirt leading to a more tailored fit.

Based on customer data, SANVT’s dynamic sizes cater to the uniqueness of body shape and also personal preference when it comes to fit. SANVT analysed data from thousands of men and women when developing the sizing system to create a customised platform that recommends your ideal size based on three basic body measurements (i.e. height, weight & shoe-size) as well as your personal preference.

Take a look at the T-Shirt size guide and tool and find your perfect fit .