How to Style a Black T-Shirt: The Ultimate Summer Guide

Paulina Kulczycki

A black t-shirt in summer? Not a chance, you might think. Well, think again! Because black basics are not just for grey autumn days and dark layering looks in winter; they can be perfect for summer too, with the right styling and the right material. But how to style a black t-shirt without looking washed out or gloomy? At SANVT, we're here to spill the beans in our ultimate summer style guide for both men and women.


Summer calls for simple, functional, and breezy looks. Sure, a white t-shirt with chinos or an off-white tee with linen pants will always be a safe bet that never goes out of style. But if you're looking to add a touch of variety to your summer outfits, a black t-shirt is an elegant alternative. Yes, you read it right: a black t-shirt in summer.

Did you know that black actually helps cool you down during the summer? It may sound counterintuitive, but it's true. While we've been taught that white reflects sunlight and black absorbs it, black also speeds up the body's cooling process precisely because it absorbs more heat. So, black is just as suitable for summer as any other colour, if not better. Especially when it's a black t-shirt made from a natural, breathable, and lightweight fabric. But how do you find that perfect lightweight and sustainable black summer t-shirt?


How to Style a Black T-Shirt all black SANVT

Introducing SANVT's Ultralight T-Shirt

No need to search any further because we at SANVT have created the perfect fair, sustainable, and carbon-neutral summer t-shirt for you. Handcrafted in Portugal from a luxurious blend of premium cotton and biodegradable lyocell cellulose fiber, our innovative fabric combines breathability with exquisite texture. Fabrics made from a cotton-lyocell blend can absorb moisture better while offering even higher breathability. The fabric's quality is shown in its cool and smooth texture, ensuring maximum comfort during the summer. Our ultralight t-shirt drapes evenly, resists wrinkles, and with a fabric weight of only 160 g/m², it's far lighter than regular t-shirts without sacrificing quality and durability.

So, our black summer t-shirt is the perfect wardrobe staple for all seasons. But how do you style a black t-shirt in summer?


How to Style a Black T-Shirt: Women's Edition 


If you're aiming for an effortless, cool look, simply tuck your black boyfriend t-shirt into a pair of well-fitted, light blue mom jeans and style it with fashionable flats like loafers. This look is perfect for everyday wear, coffee dates, or relaxed weekend getaways. For that extra style factor, add cat-eye sunglasses and tie a small silk scarf around your neck. Et voilá!


How to Style a Black T-Shirt casual SANVT 


You can elevate the black summer t-shirt by pairing it with beige and cream tones for a more sophisticated look. Wear it with loose-fitting beige linen trousers, black slipper sandals, and a beige hat. Complete the look with minimalist gold jewelry and black sunglasses with a delicate gold frame.

 How to Style a Black T-Shirt elegant SANVT


For a feminine and daring, edgier look, tuck your black t-shirt into a black A-line leather skirt and wear it with Dr. Martens boots. As accessories, combine a silver chunky short necklace and a cool pair of sunglasses. When the temperature drops in the evening, throw on an oversized blazer, either black, brightly patterned, or lightly checked, depending on whether you want to stay all-black or give the outfit a pop of colour.


How to Style a Black T-Shirt all black women SANVT


How to Style a Black T-Shirt: Men's Edition 


Speaking of all-black, a black t-shirt looks cool in a completely black outfit for men too. And as we've learned, an all-black outfit can actually help keep you cool during summer. Especially when you pair the black summer t-shirt with breathable black chinos. Complete the look with chunky black sandals and black accessories like sunglasses, belt, fanny pack, and cap.

 How to Style a Black T-Shirt all black men SANVT


For a touch of contrast, wear the black tee with black oversized sweatshorts, black Vans, pulled-up white sport socks, and a white fisherman hat. This styling exudes a sporty and urban vibe, perfect for skating, raving or hitting the town.



For a minimalist, casual yet smart look, wear the black t-shirt oversized with beige chino trousers and pair it with a black cap and black sneakers. This outfit is effortless and suitable for almost any occasion, whether it's in the office or during leisure time.

 How to Style a Black T-Shirt SANVT

Conclusion: How to Style a Black T-Shirt

As you can see, a black t-shirt is an essential basic for summer. Whether styled in a feminine or masculine way, this elegant black staple can be combined in versatile ways. Discover our ultralight unisex summer t-shirt in black and become a trendsetter who establishes black as a summer colour!


Photos by Aziz Lem, Jannik Madsen, Elisa Schenke, MerielMaya Jolina Lu W., Chris Fraas

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