How to Style a White Polo Shirt?

Paulina Kulczycki

A summer without a white polo shirt is like a summer without ice cream: unimaginable. The timeless polo is a versatile all-rounder that can be styled casually or classically, guaranteeing a smart appearance for pretty much any occasion. We would love to wear the white polo shirt all day, every day in the summer. But how to style a white polo shirt to keep it from getting boring? At SANVT, we showcase four looks that will reinvent your polo shirt, time and time again.


Ah, the white polo shirt: that essential cornerstone of any discerning traveller’s wardrobe. It's a must-have for all summer escapades - be it on the fairway, the high seas, or at a garden party. But not just any old polo will do! You need a white polo shirt made from the finest piqué fabric, with an elegant button placket, functional slim fit design, and no chest pockets or emblems. Phew, quite a lot of things to consider! And quite conveniently, our perfect polo shirt from SANVT meets all these requirements, and more!

Crafted from our specially engineered 220 g/m² piqué fabric, our perfect polo shirt caresses your skin with delicious softness while ensuring max breathability and durability. Its fine shark collar, seamless French buttoning, discreet side slits, and minimalist slim fit design make it truly stand apart from the common polo shirt. And because it’s from SANVT, it’s produced sustainably, ethically, combining elegance and sustainability. By the way, if you're wondering how a polo shirt should ideally fit, you can read more about it here. But let’s move on to the burning question: how to style a white polo shirt?


How to Style a White Polo Shirt Tone-on-Tone SANVT



Tone-on-Tone: Pair with Off-White Jeans

The tone-on-tone look has this “je ne sais quoi” that we can’t truly put our finger on. It’s a real feast for the fashion connoisseur's eyes. It’s a look that we can never get enough of, especially in summer! Pairing your white polo shirt with off-white jeans and white sneakers creates a light and nonchalant style that still looks elegant and classic. By pairing it with beige chinos, the tone-on-tone look becomes even more sophisticated. Complete this ensemble with a pair of resplendent beige slip-on shoes, and voila! Your white polo shirt paired with beige chinos is ready to rock weddings and formal gatherings with its unapologetic style.


How to Style a White Polo Shirt Shades of Grey SANVT


Shades of Grey: Pair with Oversized Grey Trousers

The polo shirt doesn’t have to be reserved to fancy getups. When you combine your white polo with a pair of grey oversized trousers – preferably with a vintage touch – you strip away any trace of stuffiness. Add chunky sandals, a modern pair of sunglasses, and a lightweight grey bomber jacket to throw over your shoulders, and you create an incontrovertibly stylish and laid-back outfit that's anything but pretentious. This style can even rival the coolness factor of Berlin street styles!


How to Style a White Polo Shirt with Shorts SANVT


Short and Sweet: Pair with Chino Shorts

On particularly warm days, you can keep it simple by pairing your white polo shirt with a pair of chino shorts and white sneakers. Of course, the choice of chino shorts is crucial here. To create contrast, our navy blue chino shorts paired with white sneakers come highly recommended. And for a tone-on-tone look, opt for our beige chino shorts with white Converse and a beige cap. Either way, you'll create a minimalist style that's hard to go wrong with. Well, unless you decide to tuck your polo shirt into tight shorts, wear a belt, and slip into boat shoes with the collar popped up… Oh, Karl Lagerfeld would surely turn in his grave!


How to Style a White Polo Shirt with Khakis SANVT.png


Grounded: Pair with Khakis or Khaki Chinos

For a slightly more rugged style, pair your white polo shirt with khaki trousers or our khaki chinos. Complete the look with brown Birkenstocks, or similar sandles, for an effortless earth-toned ensemble suitable for beach outings or city trips. Our tip: break up the outfit with a pearl necklace and a brown hat to throw a touch of boho into the mix.


How to Style a White Polo Shirt: Conclusion

As you can see, a white polo shirt is anything but stuffy and dull when it comes to styling. Quite the contrary: with the right accessories, you can reinvent the polo shirt with a mere flick of the wrist. Whether it's boho, edgy, dandy, robust, classic, or casual, this timeless basic effortlessly adapts to every style, age, or personality, and it never goes out of fashion. A white polo shirt is not just a faithful fashion companion in summer, but a staple that works throughout all seasons and for many years to come! 

And should you need further ideas and style inspiration on when a gentleman can don a polo shirt, do peruse our comprehensive style guide to learn more.


Photos by Anastasios MoirasAndrea Iacomini, Chris Fraas, Franceso Basso, Konstantinos MadiasLorenzo Franchini, Tom Samaras

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