How to style polo shirts oversized | Style guide for women

Cosima Haas

The sporty polo shirts were very popular, especially in the 2000s, then fell pretty much into oblivion and are now celebrating their comeback this year. The good news: The times when polo shirts can only be worn on the golf course are over. The latest trend: the oversized polo shirt. How to combine the shirt for this look correctly, we show you here.

Fashion icons, such as Rihanna or Hailey Bieber, have revived an older, yet iconic trend with their outfits in spring 2023: Polo shirts in a cool, non-stuffy look. Oversized looks for women first of all already bring the advantage that you don't have to directly buy new clothes for the look. On the contrary, maybe your best friend or partner already has a polo shirt to borrow. This not only saves money, but is also sustainable.

Comfortable, casual and modern: the oversized look

While in recent years the crop look, i.e. t-shirts or tops worn without a belly, has become more popular, the oversized look is now celebrated at least as much. That's because even though the clothes aren't worn to fit, plus size outfits with the right accessories and color combinations offer a casual-cool look. And we're not talking about sweatpants and the like. No, we are talking about classic garments, such as T-shirts, longsleeves or polo shirts.

Styling options for the oversized polo shirt look

Depending on personal preference, the oversized polo shirt for women can be combined with a tight skirt or shorts. If you want to completely fulfill the "baggy look", you can also choose a pair of wider-cut jersey or linen pants to go with the polo. But be careful: in order to get away from the "tomboy look" pair it the outfit with beautiful necklaces either with pearls or classicly in gold/silver or bracelets. This can help to make the outfit more feminine. Round off the summer outfit with statement sunglasses and summer footwear, such as sandals or ballerinas. 

Polo shirt in bright colors: A summer must-have

Especially in bright colors, polo shirts are a real must-have in the closet in the summer. Originally designed as sportswear, polo shirts guarantee a lot of freedom of movement thanks to the sporty design and prevent (if), they are designed from the right material, excessive sweating. SANVT's Boyfriend Polo Shirt maintains the sporty look of the original polo with its side vents, and adds a small but subtle luxurious touch with its seamless mother-of-pearl button placket.

 All other details at a glance:

  • Material: 100% premium organic cotton
  • Handmade in a medium weight piqué fabric (220GSM) in Portugal
  • The combination of the fine yarn and the manufacturing guarantees breathability and premium quality
  • 100% climate neutral 

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Whether in cropped, regular fit or oversized-look, fashion is there to make you feel creative and comfortable in your skin. With the boyfriend polo shirt, you have multiple styling options. No matter which option you choose, you can expect the same luxury quality of the essentials, while doing something good for the environment, because all our products are produced climate neutrally.

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