How to Style a Sweat Suit: Elevate Your Streetwear Game

Paulina Kulczycki

Karl Lagerfeld once said, "Anyone wearing sweatpants has lost control of their life." Imagine what he'd say about a full-on sweat suit! Styling sweatpants alone is already a fashion conundrum, but how to style a sweat suit, aka a matching sweat set? Brace yourselves; we're about to turn Karl Lagerfeld in his grave as we introduce you to some seriously cool styles for both men and women at SANVT. These looks will transform your conventional loungewear into streetwear chic. Because let's be real, jogging pants paired with a stylish sweatshirt or hoodie deserve more than just the couch or the gym.


How to Style a Sweat Suit SANVT


Let's start with the basics. Before diving into specific looks, it's crucial to find a sweat suit that's high quality, sustainable, timeless, and stylish. So, opt for a sweat suit made from premium materials with a sleek design and fit, instead of settling for a generic, flimsy sweat set from a fast-fashion corporation. Our Perfect Sweatpants from SANVT, crafted from 100% organic cotton in a heavy 400 g/m² French Terry loopback fabric, are the ultimate foundation for an effortlessly chic sweat look. Whether in beige, black, navy, or grey melange, our sweatpants boast minimalist and functional design features, such as a Lycra-reinforced hem and waistband, deep side pockets, and a concealed zipper on the back pocket. Plus, you can choose both width and length, guaranteeing a tailored fit that feels like it was made just for you. That’s as much premium as it gets when it comes to sweatpants!

To complete the look in a matching sweat suit, we crafted the Perfect Hoodie and the Perfect Sweater from SANVT. Here you even have an extended colour palette to play with, allowing you to add a personal touch. Both pieces are crafted from the same 400 g/m² French Terry fabric, ensuring extra soft comfort thanks to 100% combed organic cotton. While the hoodie exudes a more relaxed vibe with its hood, the sweater leans towards minimalism, elegance, and classic appeal. The choice is yours, depending on your individual style. But whether you opt for a sweatshirt or a hoodie, our premium products provide the foundation for a cool matching sweat set that's just a few finishing touches (or accessories) away from becoming the ultimate sweat suit look.

If you're curious about the history of sweatpants, we've got you covered with everything you need to know about this iconic and controversial piece of clothing. Read more here.

 How to Style a Sweat Suit grey SANVT

How to Style a Sweat Suit for Men

Sporty Ease

Let's kick things off with an ultra-simple look: a grey melange sweatpants paired with a matching hoodie, perhaps layered over a white tee as an undershirt, and some fresh white sneakers. It's the easiest way to rock a sweat suit. But this look isn't reserved for jogging alone. Switch the sneakers for some black boots, add a black trench coat, and a black hat, and you've got a dash of dandy flair. Alternatively, you can accessorize the grey sweat suit with statement sneakers, a fanny pack, a bomber jacket, and a cap for a bit of edge.

For more ideas on how to style grey sweatpants for men, click here.


How to Style a Sweat Suit black SANVT

Monochrome Minimalism

For a more refined take on a sweat suit for men, opt for darker hues like navy or black. A black sweat set – whether it's a hoodie or a sweater – paired with a white tee underneath, white sneakers, an off-white beanie, and a black straight-cut long blazer or wool coat is a look that combines sweatpants with style, smartness, and class.


How to Style a Sweat Suit for Women

Elegant Athleisure

If we're talking about black monochrome sweat suits, this look works for women too. But to avoid getting stuck in an all-black rut, which can get dull after a while, we recommend mixing it up and combine the black boyfriend sweatpants and black boyfriend hoodie with a camel-coloured coat and bright accessories like white sneakers, a white undershirt, and a cap. Alternatively, you can make this look pop with chunky black patent leather platform boots, a black turtleneck under the hoodie, finished off with a beret hat, sunglasses, and a camel-coloured bag. Et voilà: an elegant athleisure look that's office-friendly and perfect for leisure.


How to Style a Sweat Suit SANVT black


Sporty Spice

A beige sweat suit with contrasting black accents is another winner for women. Wear beige boyfriend sweatpants with a white crop top under an oversized black blazer, black chucks, and casually drape a beige boyfriend sweatshirt over your shoulder. Round off the look with a black cap, cool shades, and a black handbag. You'll have a sporty yet figure-flattering ensemble that's anything but vanilla, even with those creamy basics!


How to Style a Sweat Suit SANVT beige


How to Style a Sweat Suit: Conclusion

Don’t take it the wrong way, we really don’t want to throw shade on the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, but we firmly believe that those who wear sweatpants right are not only in control of their lives but also their style! Especially in a matching sweat suit! Discover our sustainable and ethically produced sweat sets, which elevate every sweat suit look with premium quality and timeless design. 

And if a full-on sweat suit look feels too bold for you, and you want to ease into the style with a grey sweatshirt, we've got outfit ideas in our styleguide for both women and men to help you get started.


Photos by Valentin RudloffEfe EfeturiChris Fraas, Paloma & Sophie Kremer

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