The Zip Hoodie for Women: Your Styleguide

SANVT Journal

With a few simple styling tips, you keep your outfit fresh with this classic. Yes, bizarre cuts, garish colours and outlandish prints are not always necessary to achieve a fresh new look. Here are a few styling options from @laraselina in the unisex zip hoodie by SANVT in grey and navy. Lara Selina’s size is: M short.


The oversize cut creates one of our most popular styles: the boyfriend look. With its unisex design, the zip hoodie can be worn by everyone. With tight pants you have a look that is sweet, sporty and comfortable at the same time. Various accessories (a thick scarf, subtle jewellery, your hairstyle) can complement the oversized style and complete the look.


With blue jeans and a white t-shirt this outfit goes in a classic and retro-cool direction (think James Dean and Lana Del Rey). This way, you are perfectly styled for any occasion, even for a spontaneous night out with the girls. Yet, the navy colored zip hoodie in an oversized look adds a casual touch. If you’re feeling cold, though, you could always combine with a jacket: Leather, denim jacket or wool could work – this lets your outfit run the range between edginess and elegance.


A hot drink and an Audrey Hepburn movie on Netflix: nothing stands in the way of a cozy evening alone – especially with a comfortable oversize zip hoodie to keep you warm. The innovative fabric (“loopback” = loops on the inside) provides extra softness on the one hand and heat regulation on the other. It’s an appealing way to wear a hoodie, especially in the cold season, just for relaxing hours on the sofa.


For a slightly more elegant look, the zip hoodie can only be pulled up above the elbows: Your posture changes automatically and it looks like you just put a scarf around your shoulders at a party to get some fresh air on the balcony. 


No matter which colour: With a high-quality and classic-cut zip hoodie you can round-off any outfit. This classic is guaranteed not to go out of fashion – and it’s also suitable for a sustainable closet where items aren’t heading towards landfill every few months. The minimalist unisex design gives you the styling freedom you want. 

More information about our sustainably produced zip hoodie can be found here on our homepage. We hope the styling ideas of @laraselina inspired you to try out some hoodie-inspired looks yourself. If you need more styling inspiration, you can get ideas from @judyaries in our Boyfriend Hoodie.