How to Wear Jeans with Sneakers: Men's Style Guide

Paulina Kulczycki

Jeans and sneakers, the iconic duo, are a style combination that transcend gender, age, and personal style. And if you think this combo is dull, then let us convince you otherwise. How you pair them is where the magic happens – different jeans, different sneakers, a variety of tops, and the right accessories can make this classic look anything but boring. So, how to wear jeans with sneakers without blending into the background? Let’s get into our men's style guide for some timeless inspiration for your summer outfits.

Regardless of whether your style is sophisticated, chic, smart, dandy, hipster, or casual, there are days when jeans and sneakers are all you want to wear. It’s a look that's effortless yet stylish. But as simple as it may seem, this outfit can fall flat without the right jeans. After all, the jeans are the heart of the ensemble; if they fit well, you’re halfway there to rock the style with effortless ease.

How to Wear Jeans with Sneakers SANVT black jeans

The Perfect Jeans by SANVT

After two years of meticulous design, we’ve perfected the ultimate pair of jeans. Available in light blue, washed blue, and washed black, the perfect jeans by SANVT boast a classic straight cut that flatters every body type. Handcrafted in Portugal from 13.5 oz Italian denim, these jeans blend 24% post-consumer recycled cotton with 76% Blue Seed organic cotton. Blue Seed cotton, known for its longer fibres, is softer and more durable than regular cotton. On top of that, it also uses less water and no toxic chemicals, making it far more sustainable than normal denim.

Our perfect jeans are sturdy yet comfortable, thanks to their open weave structure. For added flexibility, the waistband is cut along the weft, allowing for a natural stretch of up to 4cm. The result? Comfort without any elastane. The slightly slimmer leg pairs perfectly with your sneakers, creating a harmonious look.

Find out here how straight fit jeans should ideally fit.

How to Wear Jeans with Sneakers

How to Wear Jeans with Sneakers black jeans SANVT

Layering Look

A sleek yet simple way to style jeans with sneakers is through layering. Pair our perfect jeans in black with white sneakers, a black t-shirt, and a zipped open black zip hoodie. Add a grey beanie and a subtle necklace to complete the look. This ensemble is perfect for those warm summer evenings, with a touch of je ne sais quoi that also works during the day sans beanie and hoodie, of course.

How to Wear Jeans with Sneakers light blue jeans SANVT

Simply the Best

For a simpler, classic vibe, nothing beats the perfect jeans in light blue paired with white sneakers and our perfect t-shirt in white. Throw on a cool pair of sunglasses and a necklace for a summer look reminiscent of the iconic James Dean. And believe it or not: the look is as relevant today as it was in the 1950s! When the evening chill sets in, add a dark green sweatshirt and a beanie to effortlessly elevate the look from basic to smart casual.

How to Wear Jeans with Sneakers blue jeans SANVT

Basically Basic

Who says basic is boring? At SANVT, we love basic looks for their minimalism and timeless appeal, focusing on quality over embellishment. After all, we specialise in high-quality premium essentials because basics are our forte. For a stellar basic look with jeans and sneakers, try the perfect jeans in dark blue with white sneakers and a tucked-in grey sweatshirt. Swap the sweater for a navy blue lightweight t-shirt when the weather heats up in summer. Basic with the right basics is anything but basic.

How to Wear Jeans with Sneakers: Conclusion

It's the simple things in life that bring the most joy, and fashion is no exception. Instead of chasing fleeting trends and cluttering our outfits with unnecessary frills, we reduce fashion to its very essence: quality, sustainability, fair production, premium materials, and the perfect fit with the most comfortable feel. And nothing embodies stylish simplicity like the timeless combination of jeans with sneakers. With our men's style guide, you now have plenty of inspiration for how to wear jeans with sneakers for minimalist, yet smart summer outfits that are easy to pull off and anything but boring. 

Photos by Julius God & SANVT

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