Jeans vs. Joggers

Paulina Kulczycki

While we at SANVT are devout fanatics of chinos, there are times when the call for casual legwear is simply undeniable. And when it comes to laid-back pants, it’s a showdown between jeans and joggers. But choosing between these two isn’t just a toss-up; it’s a strategic move to avoid fashion faux pas in your leisure time. So let’s figure out how to choose between jeans or joggers. 

Winter’s hibernation is over, and we’ve got ants in the pants! With spring rolling in and better weather on the horizon, it’s time to get set for outdoor adventures. Whether it’s hiking in the great outdoors, sipping a flat white at your favourite café around the corner, or firing up the BBQ with friends in the park, we need to get our hands on some more relaxed and comfy trousers. Jeans and joggers reign supreme in the realm of casual legwear, outclassing their competitors with their unparalleled blend of comfort and style. But aside from sharing the same first letter, these two garments couldn’t be more different. Let’s dive into the key stylistic differences between jeans vs. joggers so you can always make the right fashion choice – depending on the occasion and activity.

Jeans vs sweatpants SANVT the perfect jeans

The Perfect Jeans from SANVT in color "Light Blue" - Made in Portugal from 100% Cotton (76% Organic & 24% Recycled).


No other trousers carry the iconic status of jeans. They’re the MVPs of legwear, and rightfully so. With a long history as a fashion must-have, jeans have been our faithful leisure wear companions for decades. Crafted from the characteristic denim fabric, made from cotton and occasionally blended with spandex, jeans boast a twill weave that gives them that diagonal ribbing Denim is known for. From their humble origins as workwear overalls in 1873, to becoming the favourites of fashion icons over the last century, jeans have undoubtedly stood the test of time.

Jeans are the epitome of casual wear, destined never to go out of style. Especially when they come in timeless cuts and classic colours like straight fit jeans in blue, dark blue, or black. They are a true fashion all-rounder and can be worn to any social event in your leisure time.

Jeans vs sweatpants SANVT the perfect sweatpants

The Perfect Sweatpants. Crafted from an heavyweight 400 GSM French Terry Loopback.


On the flip side, joggers are perhaps the most controversial pants in the history of fashion. You either love them or loathe them. But whether joggers are a fashion faux pas or a bold statement piece depends entirely on their design and quality. A top-notch pair of joggers is made from 100% cotton – just like jeans. However, the weaving structure differs significantly. Joggers and sweat fabrics use French terry, featuring a diagonal knit pattern with loops on the inside for superior softness, durability, and thermoregulation. Often referred to as sweatpants, they’re designed to handle sweaty workouts without compromising on comfort or breathability.

But premium joggers crafted from organic cotton, such as SANVT's perfect sweatpants, aren’t just for athletic pursuits. They effortlessly transition into laid-back leisure looks when paired with the right essentials and accessories. So, joggers aren’t confined to the gym anymore; you can stylishly pull them off (or rather on) at sit-ins or game nights with friends.

Denim or Sweat?

A key distinction between jeans vs. joggers is the comfort factor. Because no matter how functional or high-quality jeans are, they can’t match the cosy feel of sweatpants. Thus, joggers are better suited for active leisure activities like hiking, running, or skating, whereas jeans are more fitting for social events like BBQs, café hops, or city strolls. Another stylistic difference is that jeans lean towards a more polished look compared to joggers, making joggers ideal loungewear for chill evenings and weekends at home, while jeans can easily transition into evening outings or casual drinks. However, both are crafted from cotton and both are indispensable components of our casual wardrobes. Therefore, we believe both should be staples in any minimalist capsule wardrobe.

Jeans vs. Joggers SANVT

Jeans vs. Joggers: Conclusion

Choosing between jeans vs. joggers isn’t just about the occasion or activity; it’s also about your personal style. After all, you can shred on a skateboard in jeans just as easily as you can hit up underground techno clubs in sleek black joggers. It all boils down to how you style them and what makes you feel most comfortable and authentic. As long as you ensure your jeans and sweatpants are sustainable and premium-quality products, you will be guaranteed a great leisure look that keeps you stylish and comfy on any adventure this year!

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