What is Quiet Luxury?

Paulina Kulczycki

At SANVT, we typically don't follow trends. Especially not the loud, short-lived ones that are out of fashion by next season. It's timeless designs and high-quality essentials that really get our pulses racing. We're all about subtle class, provable sustainability and premium products. That's why, since last year, one mega trend has had our full attention: Quiet Luxury. Sounds right up our alley. But what exactly is Quiet Luxury, and how can we incorporate that touch of humble extravagance into our minimalist looks? Find out all about this mega trend and get outfit inspiration for both men and women in our style guide.

Psst, have you heard? Quiet luxury is making some serious noise in the fashion world – and it's been doing so for over a year now. After the mega success of the series "Succession," searches for "quiet luxury" on Google soared by 300% from March 2023 to April 2023, reaching a whopping 35 billion views on TikTok the following month – and it's been on the rise ever since. At this point, it may not be just a trend anymore, but rather a new wave, a new awareness of fashion, style, and luxury. But what exactly is Quiet Luxury? 

Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury, or as it's also known, "stealth wealth," is all about that "masked prosperity". It's a counter-movement against the display of prestige, big logo prints, and obvious, flashy luxury. So, we're talking about a minimalist, understated, and classic style that's timeless, elegant, and unpretentious, yet exudes a touch of luxury through subtle details. The style is neutral and characterised by high-quality materials, clean cuts, attention to detail, and excellent craftsmanship. In other words: New-age minimalism with a hint of old-money aesthetics. 

Historically, prestige and luxury have always been shown off in a grand manner – whether through fashion, architecture, or other luxury goods. There were times when it was even legally mandated who – depending on social class – could wear which colours and fabrics to make wealth and extravagance even more obvious through clothing choices. With fast fashion, where haute couture trends and collections from luxury brands are quickly copied and commercialised, it's time to redefine what luxury truly means. What is true luxury in a frenetically-paced world? Does luxury really require external display and recognition? Or is true luxury the humble focus on the essentials?

We at SANVT believe that Quiet Luxury is more than just a trend. It's a timeless fashion phenomenon that celebrates subtle extravagance in quality, craftsmanship, materials, and sustainability. The result? A style that's refined, cultivated, and sophisticated.

Quiet Luxury: Style Guide for Men

If you're as into silent luxury as we are, we want to give you some outfit inspiration on how to effortlessly create the style with our premium essentials from SANVT.

What is Quiet Luxury SANVT man style guide

Quiet Luxury, Made Quite Edgy

This look has that certain "je ne sais quoi." The carbon jeans culottes with the statement belt and cowboy boots add an avant-garde touch. Our black cashmere-wool mix sweater brings a luxurious feel to the outfit. And if you wear our white Oxford shirt, maybe with a tie underneath, the look becomes potently preppy. To complete the stealth wealth look, add accessories like a classy pair of sunglasses or a handbag that looks like it's been passed down through generations. Et voilà – you can't get more old-money meets new-age than this! 

What is Quiet Luxury SANVT men style guide

Sail Away

Another way to convey Quiet Luxury is through our beige chinos paired with our tucked-in black polo shirt. No other style combination screams Quiet Luxury as much as a chino paired with a polo. Complete the look with black loafers, a pearl necklace, and a retro pair of sunglasses to add a bit more edge to the outfit. After all, the look should be silent and subtle, but never boring.

What is Quiet Luxury SANVT style guide men

Quiet Luxury, But Make It Cool

A nonchalant way to exude Quiet Luxury is by pairing black, wide pleated trousers with black platform loafers and white socks, and finishing it off with a vintage leather belt and our black rollneck sweater made of the ultra soft cashmere-wool mix. But the look gets even cooler when you wear our light blue oversized Oxford shirt over the turtleneck, unbuttoned and tucked in to bring the belt into focus stylistically. For even more coolness, throw on a black beanie.

Quiet Luxury: Style Guide for Women

Quiet Luxury works just as well for women as it does for men. So, in our style guide, we want to introduce looks for women to ride the wave of Quiet Luxury with effortless ease. 

What is Quiet Luxury SANVT style guide women

Quiet Luxury, Quite Preppy

A cool, androgynous look for women that's not only suitable for leisure but also for business meetings is the combination of our navy relaxed chinos with our white oversized Oxford shirt and our navy knit sweater thrown over the shoulder. Add a classy handbag and white sneakers, and you've got a look that's sophisticated, timeless, and luxurious. 

What is Quiet Luxury SANVT women style guide

Quiet Luxury & Loud Contrasts

For an elegant, summery casual look, you can wear white shorts with a cream-coloured blazer and a tucked-in black summer t-shirt made from a lyocell-cotton blend. Pair it with cream-coloured vintage cowboy boots or black slippers, a luxurious pair of sunglasses, and subtle gold jewellery to capture the Quiet Luxury in the details. 

What is Quiet Luxury SANVT style guide woman

Off-White Class

If you prefer neutral tone-on-tone looks instead of loud contrasts, you can create a perfect Quiet Luxury style with off-white linen trousers, white sandals, a white ribbed top, and our open-worn white Oxford blouse. Here too, elegant accessories like sunglasses, handbag, and gold jewellery are ideal to round off the look with a touch of luxury.

What is Quiet Luxury: Conclusion

Our conclusion on this trending fashion phenomenon: Loud is out. Quiet Luxury is more in vogue than ever, and we hope it stays that way. Because the new awareness of timeless looks, high-quality fabrics, and a neutral colour palette goes hand in hand with the values that Slow Fashion stands for. At SANVT, we stand for Quiet Luxury with our premium essentials, combining minimalist designs with exceptional quality standards. Discover our fair, sustainable, and high-quality basics for everyday wear to exude Quiet Luxury while protecting the environment with style.

Photos by Andrea BruniArnald LagjiOrlando Rizzuti, Nini KhujAziz Lem, Romy & Paloma K

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