The Jeans Factory

Craftsmanship from North Portugal

Company Overview

Founded in 2020

Trofa, Portugal

The Perfect Jeans

We have named our jeans "The Perfect Jeans" for a reason. For us, the word "perfect" is not just a word, but a philosophy that we take very seriously at SANVT. Our newest factory, located in the heart of Portugal's renowned textile region, exemplifies our commitment to ethical production, exceptional quality, and environmental responsibility.

Fabric Selection and Quality Assurance

The journey of our denim begins with the arrival of carefully selected fabric rolls, which immediately undergo a extensive quality assurance process. The team does a thorough inspection of each roll, ensuring there are no defects and that every inch of material meets SANVT's high standards of sustainability and quality. This crucial stage sets the tone for the entire production process, embodying our commitment to excellence and our respect for the environment.

Assembled with care in 35 steps

Our denim takes shape in the hands of skilled artisans who carefully cut each pattern by hand to verify the fabric's quality. The production line then comes alive as the different pieces are expertly joined together across approximately 35 stations. This process not only showcases our craftsmanship but also represents SANVT's approach of combining traditional techniques with modern sustainability practices.

Safe & Respectful Work Environment

Founded in 2020, our jeans factory does not only ensure highest quality during the production, but also takes some valuable measures for their employees to be safe and feel well in the working environment. Next to many other measures, there are regular safety trainings and the management also organises team-building activities and has built a break room for lunches. We have decided to include this factory to our list of production partners, as they conform with our approach of ethical produced fashion, where also the workers are being treated fairly and respectfully.

It's all in details

Good for you, good for the planet. Denim stands out as one of the most environmentally damaging fashion items, and we are committed to making a positive change. Through our innovative production process, we ensure minimal impact on the planet. To fulfil our commitment to zero waste and chemical-free processes, all buttons and rivets are made from 100% recycled metal. With the classic button placket instead of a zip, we also honour traditional denim.

Final Touches and Quality Control

In the final stages, our denim is prepared for its journey to you. Each garment is carefully sorted, labeled, and adorned with our signature details. Following a careful pressing process, the in-house quality control team conducts a thorough inspection before the jeans is sent to our warehouse in Germany, to ensure that every item meets SANVT's standards of luxury and durability before it's sold to our customers.