Festival Outfit Ideas for Women

Paulina Kulczycki

Summer is hands-down our favourite season – and not just for the sunny skies, but for the fabulous festivals that come with it. And let's be honest, styling the festival outfits is half the fun! After all, choosing the perfect look is (almost) as much a part of the festival experience as the music and the memories. Where else can you rock glittery faces, cut-off denim shorts, and mesh tops without a second thought? Festivals are the ultimate playground for fashion freedom. We at SANVT have curated some timeless festival outfit ideas for women, so you can slay the festival season in style.

Festival looks are giving street style at Fashion Week a run for its money. Even trend researchers and cool hunters are scoping out festival-goers' outfits for the next big thing. After all, this is where real trends are born – not from style icons or designers, but from fashion-savvy music lovers and free spirits like you. Festivals have been shaping generations since Woodstock in the '60s, and the tradition continues strong.

Yet at SANVT, we’re all about timeless looks rather than fleeting trends. Therefore we present you some festival outfit ideas for women that will not only make you look fabulous at festivals but also serve you well in other occasions this summer and beyond.

Festival outfit ideas for women SANVT white t-shirt

All-White Boho Chic

While all-black is a winter office staple, all-white is perfect for summer styles – and yes, that includes festivals. An all-white ensemble might not be ideal for a desert festival like Burning Man, but it's perfect for city-based festivals. Tie our boyfriend t-shirt in white at the front to create a crop top and pair it with high-waisted white corduroy trousers with a loose, straight cut. Complete the look with beige cowboy boots and a summery straw hat for the ultimate boho look with Ibiza vibes. Just watch out for rain and mud!

Festival outfit ideas for women SANVT oxford shirt

Hip Hop Vibes Instead of Boho Vibes

If an all-white look feels too risky and precious even at an urban festival, you can still incorporate white basics for a fresh, clean look. Try pairing baggy jeans with a white crop top and our open white Oxford shirt for a festival-ready ensemble that’s ideal for the hip-hop scene. Add cool sneakers and a white pair of sunglasses for extra flair. This relaxed look is also great for a city stroll or coffee with friends. For an edgy twist, wear white fishnet tights under the baggy jeans, pulling them up to your navel to peek out between the jeans and crop top.

Not into baggy jeans? Swap them for our unisex light blue jeans and trade the sneakers for chunky platform sandals. This denim look is perfect, even for sandy or muddy festival grounds.

Festival outfit ideas for women SANVT dust grey t-shirt

A Dream in Taupe

Speaking of sandy grounds: if you're heading to a festival on sandy terrain, everything ends up looking taupe eventually. So why not create an outfit with earthy tones and sandy colours in the first place? Go for a minimalist tone-on-tone look with linen shorts in taupe or beige, paired with our tucked-in boyfriend t-shirt in dust grey. Add brown slip-on sandals or beige boots to complete the look. The beauty of minimalist outfits? You can play with bold accessories to upgrade them. Eye-catching statement necklaces, hats or caps, sunglasses, and cool bum bags can transform this outfit from minimalist to extravagant in no time.

Festival outfit ideas for women SANVT

Androgynous Minimalism

For a truly minimal look with an androgynous flair and no fluff, pair washed black or charcoal mom jeans with our tucked-in boyfriend t-shirt in dust grey. Top it off with a black bucket hat, a decorative belt, and Birkenstocks. If your festival is in the peak of summer and only the thought of long jeans makes you sweat, switch them for black vintage cut-off Levi’s shorts and wear them with Dr. Martens boots. Et voilà, a look that is effortlessly stylish. 

For a more nautical twist, replace the dust grey t-shirt with our new striped boyfriend t-shirt. Inspired by the traditional French fisherman's shirt, these Breton stripes give the outfit a certain je ne sais quoi – all without any fuss. 

Festival Outfit Ideas for Women: Conclusion

Finding the perfect festival outfit can be tricky. It needs to be comfortable and breathable for hours of dancing, yet stylish enough to stand out. The secret to a timeless and cool festival look lies in a foundation of high-quality premium essentials, elevated by statement jewellery and accessories. This way, you can tailor each of our festival outfit ideas for women to match the vibe, music, and weather of any festival. And when you skip the extravagant festival accessories, these outfits will serve you just as well for everyday summer wear. 

Looking for festival outfits for men? Check out our style guide here.

Photos by Elvira RumetshoferSuzannaJulien Bergeron & Romy

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