Minimalism in Fashion: How to Become a Style Minimalist

Paulina Kulczycki

In a world swirling with fast fashion, fleeting trends, and monthly wardrobe turnovers, minimalism in fashion isn't just a breath of fresh air – it's a conscious lifestyle choice and a rebellion against excess. Here at SANVT, we're advocates for minimalism, and for all you minimalist newbies, we've got the lowdown on how to become a style minimalist. Let’s build a wardrobe that screams "less is more" and transforms you into an eco-conscious trendsetter.

If you prefer a meticulously curated wardrobe that is clean and timeless instead of excessive shopping, then you will definitely want to explore the concept of minimalism. Cultivating a minimalist wardrobe emerges as more than just a trend. It's a lifestyle that diminishes stress, lightens decision-making, and amplifies well-being. As a part of the slow fashion movement, minimalism goes hand in hand with conscious consumption, sustainable fashion practices, and a significantly reduced ecological footprint. But how to become a style minimalist without succumbing to monotony? Where do we begin?

How to Become a Style Minimalist at a Glance:

  • Decluttering your wardrobe
  • Defining your style
  • Investing in timeless, high-quality essentials
  • Creating diversity despite minimalism
  • Embracing simplicity

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Decoding Minimalism in Fashion: How to Become a Style Minimalist 

Decluttering: The Sartorial Cleanse

Embarking on any new fashion endeavour can be intimidating at first, especially the one to build a minimalist wardrobe. The initial step requires a radical decluttering of your existing clothes. You heard right: go all Marie Kondo on your closet! There's no golden rule for the number of garments you should own. However, cling only to pieces you regularly wear and hold dear. Sort with an eye for personal value, quality, and functionality. And make sure to dispose of unwanted clothing mindfully; contribute to a cleaner planet by donating, gifting, or selling your pre-loved items, instead of dumping them in the landfills.

Defining Your Style: A Fashion Epiphany

Once your closet is decluttered and you've surveyed your wearables, it's time to redefine your style. Why? Because impulse purchases that don't align with your style are the ones that end up cluttering your wardrobe. While defining your style, focus on cuts, materials, and colours that resonate with you. And in the spirit of minimalism, lean towards clean lines and timeless designs, steering clear of excessive patterns and logo prints. 

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Conscious Consumption: Quality Over Quantity

After sculpting your minimalist style, it’s time to invest in timeless, high-quality essentials that stand the test of time. While reducing your overall consumption, opt for ethical and eco-conscious brands that combine transparency with exceptional design. Less, but better, should be your mantra.

And if you're wondering how many new items of clothing per year are still minimalist, environmentally conscious and climate-friendly, you can find out more here.

Diversity Within Minimalism: A Splash of Colour

Minimalism in fashion does not always need be synonymous with monochrome styles, though undeniably chic. However, monochrome, minimalist styling is rather for the hard-core style minimalists. For those new to minimalism and seeking to sidestep wardrobe boredom, choose your new essentials in a timeless colour palette. This offers a variety of colour combinations while staying true to your minimalist aesthetic.

If you need inspiration on how to create minimalist outfits, read more in our minimalist style guide for men.

Embracing Simplicity: Style with Serenity

Minimalism in fashion isn't just about being stylish and eco-conscious – it's a stress-buster, decision-lightener, and well-being booster. By creating an organized, clutter-free wardrobe, defining your style, and practicing conscious consumption, you make space for tranquillity, inner peace, and mindfulness. A minimalist (life)style isn't just beneficial for the environment and climate – it's a gift to yourself. So embrace simplicity and invite more minimalism in your life.

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SANVT's Minimalist Essentials

If you're wondering where to get your sustainable, high-quality essentials as the base of your minimalist wardrobe, explore SANVT's timeless basics. Blending minimalism with exceptional quality, we use the finest premium materials, crafting garments in a climate-neutral, eco-conscious, and fair manner in Europe. Following the "less is more" philosophy, SANVT curates trend-agnostic collections, without any big logos prints and frills. And by the way, you can choose not just the width but also the length of our minimalist essentials, ensuring a near-custom fit.

"We prioritize quality and craftsmanship, urging people to adopt a long-term, sustainable approach to fashion. We don't chase fashion trends, nor do we design new collections every season. Instead, we offer a permanent collection for the entire year."

— Benjamin (Co-founder of SANVT)

How to Become a Style Minimalist: Conclusion

To become a style minimalist, you need very little, quite literally. So if you're seeking the simplest and most mindful way to consume clothing, minimalism in fashion might just be the answer. Follow our guide, and in five easy steps, gradually create more space, both in your wardrobe and in your mind! 

For more tips on cultivating a minimalist wardrobe, delve into our guide here.

Photos from Kars Kooistra

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