What Matters for Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Men

Cosima Haas

Which mood are you in at the moment? Pre-Christmas contemplation or rather stressed by the annual Christmas present shopping? If you're not the kind of person who gets all their Christmas presents for their loved ones in September (who actually does that?), this gift guide is for you. SANVT presents our quick Christmas gift ideas for your partner, mate, brother and brother-in-law, etcetera, and gives you tips on how to manage last-minute gifting. 

Let's be honest: whether it's a birthday present or a Christmas present, making someone happy with a little something can not be that easy. Gifting to your male friends can be an even bigger challenge. Even if the person receiving the gift is a friend, it's easy to get lost in the search.

Well, thank goodness for the SANVT Last Minute Gift Guide! From effortless gift vouchers to timeless essentials, there's ideas something for everyone here and we tell you what to consider when gifting last-minute. 

The safe bet: the (infamous) gift voucher

Let's start with probably the simplest gift that is considered notorious: the gift voucher. This type of gift is often associated with laziness and/or a lack of imagination. According to the motto: "If nothing else works, just give a gift voucher". But we think the gift card deserves more credit! Because the big advantage lies in the satisfaction guarantee: it is virtually impossible for the person receiving the gift to receive something that either 1) doesn't suit them, 2) they don't like or 3) they might take the wrong way. This way you give your loved ones something they really want (and not something you think they want). Due to the fact that with a gift voucher, the person receiving the gift can also give themselves a treat, double happiness is created! You can also give a gift card from SANVT as a present.

Advantages of the SANVT gift voucher at a glance:

  • Flexible - let the other person decide for themselves
  • Perfect last-minute gift: personalised voucher is sent immediately by email
  • Suits all budgets (selectable amount: 20-300€)
  • Can be given as a digital or physical gift (printed out)
  • Small in size, so not cumbersome.

Avoid non-meaningful purchases: Timeless fashion & accessories

If you would prefer to give a physical item that can be wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree, then you can't go wrong with fashion. However, it is important that you opt for minimalist pieces rather than colourful or unusual items of clothing. This will avoid unhappy faces and the associated expense of changing clothes. This is not only more sustainable but also gives the person receiving the gift a better experience.

If you're still wondering about the right size, we have good news for you: if you decide in favour of a sustainable essential from SANVT, you can choose from over twelve different sizes in our online shop. In our annual survey, the fit of our essentials was rated 4.5/5. Find out more about our sizing here.

For these reasons, a SANVT Essential is the perfect gift: 

  • Fit Guarantee
  • Unisex 
  • Minimalist, timeless design
  • Free shipping for all orders from 80€ from Germany & Austria (Switzerland from 200 CHF) - find out more here
  • 60-day return policy from Germany, Austria, Denmark and Belgium
  • Meaningful gift: 1 tree is planted for every essential sold

Whether it's one of our bestsellers - the perfect T-shirt or sweatshirt - or a minimalist woollen scarf or high-quality boxer briefs - all of our essentials are produced fairly and sustainably from high-quality materials. You can find an overview of our recommended essentials in our gift guide here.

Be aware of long delivery times before Christmas

As you are of course not the only person buying Christmas presents for your loved ones, it is always important to buy gifts with a time buffer. At SANVT, we usually dispatch orders from Germany and Austria within 1-2 working days (Mon-Fri), in the EU within 3-4 days, and internationally between 3-14 days. Our warehouse is also working at full speed before Christmas, which is why we recommend the following for desired delivery before Christmas:

  • Germany & Austria: 20 December
  • European Union, Switzerland & Great Britain: 15 December
  • USA: 12 December
  • International: Please contact our customer service

Read all detailed information on shipping & returns here.

Don't waste time wrapping gifts

Whether you're good at crafting or not - the last part before you hand over your gift is the (usually) tedious wrapping. In addition to unnecessary plastic waste, wrapping Christmas presents takes up a lot of time. Unfortunately, you don't have much time if you've left buying presents to the last minute. It is therefore fortunate if the gifts are already wrapped sustainably and elegantly and you only have to tie a little concluding bow.

The SANVT Essentials packaging is not only made entirely of paper, but is also so visually appealing that it can be placed under the Christmas tree without any further wrapping. This means you can consciously avoid further packaging waste and do a little favour for the environment.

Get tips on sustainable gift wrapping here.

Gift ideas when there really isn't any time left

If you don't want to get caught up in the chaos of the retail rush on Christmas Eve, there's always the option of getting creative yourself. Because Christmas stress or not, Christmas is a time to reflect on the really important things in life. For many people, it's a time to spend with friends and family. So if you have no idea what little something you can surprise your mate or partner with, you can still give them some of your time.

Whether this is time spent together or taking time off someone's hands is up to you.

Gifting time - Ideas:

  • helping with gardening or housework
  • tickets for concerts
  • hiking trips
  • beer tastings

Are you still missing the right outfit for the Christmas party? We've put together some outfit ideas - from smart to casual - so you'll be perfectly styled for any occasion.

SANVT wishes everyone and their families a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

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