Stay Stylish and Cosy: A Winter Style Guide for Women

Paulina Kulczycki

Baby, it's cold outside! As winter wraps its frosty arms around us, it's time to elevate our winter style game without compromising on warmth and comfort. But forget about bulky layers – we're talking about mastering the art of layering, turning winter outfits into sophisticated compositions of style and cosiness. In this Winter Style Guide for Women, we'll show you how to stay stylish and cosy during the cold months with our sustainable essentials from SANVT. So, grab a cuppa, get comfy, and let's dive into the world of winter fashion.

It’s official: winter has descended upon us. And when the days get darker, greyer and colder, the temptation to cocoon in an oversized jumper and a thick coat is strong. At SANVT, though, we believe that colder temperatures are an invitation to get real creative with our wardrobe. While exploring layers, textures, knits, and winter accessories like scarves and beanies, we can add depth and structure to our outfits, both literally and figuratively speaking. Embrace sustainable winter essentials that guarantee both warmth and breathability without sacrificing aesthetics, and say goodbye to the dilemma of choosing between style and cosiness.

Winter Style Guide for Women SANVT scarf

The Unisex Wool Blend Sweater in Navy by SANVT.

Minimalist Magic

For an effortlessly cool and minimalist everyday look, pair a loose-fitting, faded denim-jeans with a tucked-in navy knit sweater from SANVT. Top it off with a short navy teddy jacket, the perfect scarf in navy, and black sneakers with thick socks. Throw on a pair of tights under the jeans for an extra layer of warmth. Et voila! With just a few basic items, you've just created a laid-back, minimalist winter style. And when the mercury drops even lower, slip into our heavyweight black winter t-shirt under the knit sweater and add a black beanie for extra snugness and weather readiness.

 Winter Style Guide for Women SANVT roll neck

 The Unisex Wool Blend Roll Neck in Black by SANVT.

Timeless Elegance

Looking for a more sophisticated winter outfit? Then create a classic and elegant look on chilly days with our black turtleneck sweater. Whether you go for an all-black ensemble with black chinos, tied-back hair, and subtle gold jewellery, or pair it with cream mom jeans, a matching hat, and black heeled ankle boots – you'll achieve a timeless and chic look that's both warming and cool.

Looking for more of these timeless knitted looks? We’ve got you covered! Get inspired by the coolest knit outfits here.


How to dress for the cold fashionably for women SANVT zip hoodie grey

The Unisex Zip Hoodie in Grey Melange by SANVT 

Cosy Comfort

If comfort is your priority, throw our grey sweat jacket over a heavyweight white winter t-shirt paired with grey jeans and Dr. Martens boots. Complete the look with a black bomber jacket and a black beanie or fisherman's hat for a vibe that's perfect for relaxing at home or casual outings with friends. And if you want to double the comfort: swap the jeans for a matching grey sweatpants for a cosy yet elegant sweat set styling.

You think a sweat suit is a no-go? Then let our style guide convince you to the contrary and find out how to style a high-quality sweat suit in a confident and urban way.

Explore SANVT's Winter Essentials

Discover the world of timeless, sustainable, and high-quality basics from SANVT, meticulously designed with a love for detail. Each essential is crafted from eco-friendly premium materials, meeting both functional and aesthetic demands. From our heavyweight winter t-shirt and knit collection to the Boyfriend Sweatshirt and Boyfriend Hoodie, these items are perfect for the colder months. And don't forget our Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirt, ideal as an undershirt in winter and a minimalist top in transitional seasons. Our products stand for longevity, making sure that your essentials keep their promise for more than just one season! 

Winter Style Guide for Women SANVT

The Perfect Wool Blend Scarf in Navy by SANVT 

Winter Style Guide for Women: Conclusion

One thing is certain: in the winter of 2023, no one has to risk a cold just to make a fashion statement. Layering looks are hotter than ever, and our Winter Style Guide for Women proves that warm and cosy can indeed be stylish. The same goes for the gents, by the way. 

And if you're wondering about the best materials for layering looks, check out the best fabrics in winter and find out everything you need to know about staying warm and fashionable. Winter's got nothing on you!

Photos by Johanna Sofia, Lara Selina, Paloma K & Sophie Malcherek

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