The Perfect Jeans

Our jeans aren't named "The Perfect Jeans" simply because it sounds good; for us, "perfect" represents a philosophy we take incredibly seriously at SANVT. The last two years, our team has been on a mission to revolutionize the denim game. Introducing our testament to denim perfection.

The Perfect Fit 

Jeans that fit like a dream. We have put a lot of work, passion and probably too much coffee into designing the fit of our jeans. Featuring a Semi Slim-Fit design, a flattering low-rise waistband, and a sleek drape over the shoes, our jeans are crafted to look great from every angle.

Jeans that look good

Semi-slim fit for a flattering, timeless look  
Nice drape over the shoes 
Strategically shaped back pockets to enhance your silhouette. 
Specially designed woven construction for extra stretch 

The Perfect Quality 

We aimed to design jeans that you look forward to putting on every day. We've sourced the finest cottons to create a fabric that not only feels gentle against the skin but also maintains its softness wash after wash. To enhance the stretchiness of the 100% cotton fabric, we incorporated a specially designed woven construction that provides a more flexible and comfortable fit around the waist.

Heritage meets Innovation

Combining traditional precision in denim with cutting edge technologies 
It’s all in the details. 100% recycled metal buttons and branded rivets. 

Opting for a classic button fly, we skip the conventional zip as a homage to traditional denim. 
100% cotton, 100% softness. Crafted in high quality cottons that feels gentle against the skin. 

The Perfect Production 

Good for you, good for the planet. Denim stands out as one of the most environmentally damaging fashion items, and we are committed to making a positive change. Through our innovative production process, we ensure minimal impact on the planet. We craft our jeans using only the finest Italian cotton and employ sustainable denim craftsmanship techniques in top-notch Portuguese factories.

Denim Craftmanship