How to style a navy blue hoodie?

Paulina Kulczycki

Winter is the season when hoodies reign supreme, and there's no better hue to don than the timeless navy blue. And while the hood protects us from chilly winds with flair, a navy hoodie is more than just functional and casual street wear. At SANVT we decided to showcase how to style a navy blue hoodie as the ultimate winter essential in ways that exude both comfort and sophistication.


Now it doesn't really take much to rock the winter season with style. All you have to do is to layer a few high-quality basics in heavy and robust materials, and you've got a warm and casual layering look. Of course, this is easier said than done. However, there is one essential item that makes styling in winter much more effortless, and that's a heavy, navy blue hoodie. Hooded sweatshirts in winter are not only practical and functional but also the ideal foundation for cool styles. Especially in the timeless, elegant, and versatile colour of navy blue, the iconic hoodie becomes even more indispensable as a style phenomenon.


How to style a navy hoodie SANVT


The Perfect Hoodie from SANVT

Our Perfect Hoodie in Navy is a masterpiece handcrafted in Portugal, woven from 100% super-combed organic cotton French Terry "Loopback" for unparalleled softness and thermoregulation. Two years of meticulous development birthed our unique "Loopback" material, increasing its softness while ensuring durability and breathability. Meanwhile the double-lined hood, the Lycra-reinforced hem, and the expertly crafted sleeves embody enduring comfort, quality, and elegance. 

Unlike conventional fabrics, our French Terry is dyed before being made into a garment, ensuring long-lasting colour impact. A deep navy blue that doesn't fade even after several winters! Additionally, our hoodie has a GSM value of 400 g/m², making it an ideal heavy hoodie for winter and cold months. 

If you want to know exactly what a heavy hoodie is, you can read more here.


How To Style a Navy Blue Hoodie: Ultimate Style Guide

Once you've found your perfect navy blue hoodie from SANVT – the epitome of quality, fairness, and sustainability in the shape of an iconic fashion piece – the only question left is: how to style a navy blue hoodie? In our Style Guide for Men, we present four casual hoodie looks that you can easily recreate.


How to style a navy hoodie SANVT style guide 

Monochrome Mastery

The whole colour spectrum of dark blue is probably the most popular colour pallet amongst men. After all, navy blue is a timeless and elegant colour that echoes masculinity, making it an ideal colour for versatile stylings – whether in casual denim looks, or elegant suits. And since most men have plenty of blue basics in their wardrobe, one of the simplest ways to style a navy hooded sweatshirt is a tone-on-tone look. Simply pair the Perfect Hoodie in Navy with denim jeans, dark blue Converse, and a navy blue bomber jacket. Alternatively, elevate the look with heavy navy blue chinos, blue New Balance sneakers, and a knee-length dark blue coat for a dressier option. Additional accessories in navy, such as a beanie and a wool-blend scarf, provide extra warmth on even colder days.


How to style a navy hoodie SANVT style guide men


Bold Contrasts

Instead of going for the different shades of blue, you can break away from the monochrome look and go for bold contrasts. Pair the navy hoodie with an ivory chino for a striking play of light and dark, creating a modern colour blocking effect. Complete the look with statement sneakers and a navy checked coat for a modern style that is suitable for both leisure and casual office days.


Sporty Sophistication

For those who cannot get enough of sweat styles, go all-in with a navy hoodie and matching sweatpants in navy. Team the sweat set up with a heavweight white tee, white sneakers, and voilà – a sporty, comfortable look suitable for more than just the gym and the couch at home.

Wondering how to make your sweat set ready to rock street styles? Check our Style Guide for sweat set inspiration.


How to style a navy hoodie SANVT zip hoodie


Smart & Casual

Now if you love the casual vibe of the hoodie, but you’re seeking for a bit more sophistication in your daily outfits, then grab our Navy Zip Hoodie, wear it open over a white Oxford shirt, paired with grey chinos, white sneakers, and a grey coat. Top it off with the Perfect Grey Scarf for the finishing touch. While the zip hoodie may not be as warm as the classic hoodie, it does offer even more versatility, allowing you to create a greater range of layering looks.

And if you can't decide between a zip hoodie and the classic hoodie, learn here about the differences between the two items, so you can choose the right essential based on your individual style and needs.


How To Style a Navy Hoodie: Conclusion

A hoodie is undoubtedly an iconic essential, offering a minimalist and laid-back foundation for any outfit. In navy, it becomes a timeless piece that effortlessly pairs with casual denim and smart chinos, adapted to both special occasions and leisure looks. With our Perfect Navy Hoodie, you secure a high-quality, durable, and sustainable companion that will keep you warm through many winters thanks to its heavy, yet breathable fabric. So, dear gents, embrace the season with style – it's hoodie time!


Photos by David Pher, Efe Efeturi & Francesco Basso

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