Features of a perfect look – How do I dress more consciously?

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1. Feature: comfort

It’s no surprise that a sweat look should impress with one thing in particular: Comfort. But what makes essentials comfortable?

Choosing the right material is crucial. While synthetic fibers usually become hard and uncomfortable after several washes, natural fibers are especially soft and skin-friendly. The best material for sweat wear is therefore cotton. But even here there are differences! One of the best varieties is Gossypium barbadense – also known as Pima cotton. It comes from tropical America and is particularly soft due to its unusually long fibers (> 30mm). Allergy sufferers can also appreciate the properties of the fiber, as it is particularly kind and gentle to the skin. Even better, Pima cotton is always picked by hand. This not only has advantages for the fiber itself but is also more environmentally friendly than mechanical harvesting.

However, in addition to the fabric, a perfect fit is also necessary for maximum comfort. That’s why at SANVT we’ve reworked the traditional sizing system to offer every common width shape with three different length variations. This allows us to guarantee an optimal fit for every body type.

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@allarroundbyanna wears our grey sweatpants and black boyfriend t-shirt

2. Feature: style

The perfect chill outfit for everyday wear should look stylish and elegant despite being comfortable. Therefore, to give a sweat look its perfect touch, it is important to add luxurious details to sporty garments. For example, a timeless add-on to the Perfect Sweatpants is metallic tips on the functional cords. The silver sheen of the metal ends makes the pants look especially high-end while maintaining a minimalist style.

At SANVT, we also opted for classic cuts as well as a classic color assortment consisting of black, grey and navy. But what are the advantages of a timeless essential?

  • Easy to combine
  • Suitable for different occasions
  • Long life and therefore environmentally friendly and resource-saving
  • Cheaper in the long run than changing It-pieces

All SANVT sweatpants feature quality details to complete the look.

3. Feature: Sustainability

In the coming years, more and more people have become aware of the importance of sustainability. High plastic and water consumption, as well as continuous pollution of our oceans and air, are just a few influences for climate change. And this has consequences:

  • Ice is melting due to the warming of the earth. Thus, an important habitat for already threatened species is lost.
  • A rise in sea level leads to flooding. Many people will therefore have to leave their homes in the coming years and flee the climate.
  • Periods of drought and heat will increase, threatening entire ecosystems. But rising temperatures are also increasingly becoming a danger for people.

“We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and the last generation to make a difference.” – Barack Obama

It has become important to stop climate change. And since the fashion industry does the most damage to the environment, we should especially consume clothing more sustainably. Therefore, when buying fashion, you should consider the following characteristics:

  • Buy your fashion from certified labels that actively care for the environment.
  • Look for fair and sustainable production, preferably in Europe.
  • Make a conscious decision not to buy trendy clothing, and instead opt for sustainable basics.
  • Prefer natural fabrics instead of synthetic materials.

SANVT ‘s high-quality essentials are not only comfortable and durable but also sustainable!

At SANVT, we place a high value on all of these qualities. We have been producing sustainably from our inception and pay attention to fairness for people and the environment. Last year, we were, therefore, able to achieve many of our goals for more sustainability in the fashion industry.

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SANVT combines comfort and style with sustainability.

In order to offer you exactly what you are looking for, we have spent years developing high-quality essentials that will last you a long time thanks to their premium quality and sustainable production. You can find a suitable selection of our everyday basics below. Have fun browsing.